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The video solution AX-network SmartSearch Visual Tools is specially designed for installation on the IP camera manufacturer Axis Communications with recording function NAS network drive or SD card, to perform intelligent searches recorded video.

Visual Tools AX-SmartSearch

AX-SmartSearch is an application developed by Visual Tools to capture motion data recordings of network cameras Axis and use of the recordings later as filters VMD. Metadata motion, in combination with the video images recorded, provide the user the ability to search video snapshots using as parameters the date, possible movement area and intensity of the activity detected.

This powerful tool streamlines the recovery of the desired sequences captured by the cameras of that manufacturer with recording function NAS network drive or SD card. The system records all data from existing activities in the full image, regardless of the settings of the recording.

Also, automated synchronization features embedded in the IP cameras Axis, to capture and record the motion data with the same parameters date and time that the video, similarly, are kept up to date and time of erasure of images to which they belong.

With a simple configuration via web browser to the camera interface to display the camera data and application status, AX-SmartSearch features API integration that facilitates recovery from third party software VMD data of the desired sequences or from video management software Supervisor X, where the user in addition to other features many tools for retrieval and analysis of recordings.

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By • 20 Feb, 2015
• Section: Control Systems, Equipment test, Services, CCTV