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The company begins a new stage with the intention of becoming a more cross-cutting organization, whose starting point was its makeover and which now extends to a more global internal strategy.

After starting the year 2020 with a corporate makeover, whose goal was to align the brand Casmar with the strategic vision of the future, the company has made a number of internal changes, result of existing generational change, with a new organization.

While it remains a family business, led by a family committee composed of Alfonso, Gonzalo and Montse Castro Roca, who assumes the position of CEO of the Casmar Group. A structured organization with the intention of becoming "a more cross-cutting organization, more consistent with the strategy of the future and, especially, more global".

Specifically,, the new organization is based on four key departments for the development and consolidation of objectives: Product, Commercial, Operations and Finance, who will direct Teo Funez, Juanjo Hernandez, Gonzalo Castro Roca and Jordi Martín, Respectively.

With more than forty years in the security sector providing high added value solutions, "a differential that has been maintained with our customers, Suppliers, market and equipment and for which we will continue to work to continue building this great company that our father founded, with a lot of love and effort", underscore their leaders.

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By • 20 Oct, 2020
• Section: Business