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Visual Tools, developer of digital video technology, application is available for people counting AX-Peco, Axis cameras compatible processor ARTPEC 3 and 4 and now with Ambarella, to provide such solutions at a more affordable cost for use in stores, buildings public transportation.

Visual Tools AX-Peco Axis camera

AX-PeCo is an application under license Visual Tools who built onboard video surveillance camera makes it a counter accurate and versatile people, also allows you to record and store data locally in real time and automatically without using a PC.

This solution counting, until now supports cameras Axis processors ARTPEC 3 and 4, is now also available devices of this manufacturer Ambarella processor, making it a more affordable counting solution for establishments with influx of public, as shops, buildings public transportation.

Visual Tools AX-Peco Axis cameraDepending on the height and width of step you want to cover in a facility, users have different types of compatible cameras Axis AX-PeCo, such as models M3006-V, M3203, M3204, M3014, to which they have now added more economic systems as M3004 and M3005.

The count data this application, cooling on display automatically every five seconds, can be consulted by accessing the camera via the Web browser or the free software PeCo-Graph, which allows to perform the download of data from different cameras together, inquiry, graph and export.

Features AX-PeCo

Visual Tools AX-Peco Axis camera

  • Software to integrate IP cameras from Axis Communications.
  • Compatible with various cameras, depending on the height and width to cover an installation.
  • Suitable for passage widths of 8 Maximum meters.
  • Counting in real time and non-intrusive.
  • Of multiple people simultaneously.
  • Independent calculation of inputs and outputs of people.
  • Average accuracy above 95%.
  • Screen display real-time data count.
  • Storage of counting data for twenty-four months.
  • Access to data via Web browser.
  • Compatible with PeCoGraph management software.
  • API for integration with third-party software.

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By • 26 Jan, 2015
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