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The new Axis Q6000-E outdoor network camera offers 360-degree vision thanks to four 2 megapixels and, integrated with this manufacturer's Q60-E model, simultaneously offers high-detail optical zoom over areas of interest with just one click.

Axis Q6000E

Axis Communications has introduced the Q6000-E, an outdoor network camera with 360o vision that integrates with the PTZ network camera series (dome Q60-E) to provide a complete surveillance solution.

With just one click, operators can zoom optically with high precision over the details, while maintaining an overview of areas up to 20.000 M2 (the approximate size of four football fields), which is an ideal solution for urban surveillance applications, for public square monitoring, Parking, dining areas in shopping malls and other open areas.

Roberto de los Santos, sales engineer from Axis Communications, stresses that "Q6000-E covers the need to easily monitor a large area and, Simultaneously, be able to zoom optically on certain details. Integration with axis Q60-E series of outdoor PTZ cameras provides a smart solution, innovative and efficient in the use of space, offering unique video surveillance possibilities".

Axis Q6000EFor this expert, this integration opens up new opportunities to solve a common problem, For example, in the field of urban surveillance, where both PTZ cameras are needed to provide accurate image detail and an overview that covers the entire area.

Selecting any object in Q6000-E, using the one-click PTZ control function, activates the Q60-E camera, operators can zoom optically on the specific object of interest. In addition, using two screens offers a complete 360o overview from the Q6000-E camera, and an expanded vision from Q60-E, which gives them a high level of detail while, Simultaneously, can maintain an overview of the entire monitored area.

This new networked device, available at the end of 2014 through Axis' distribution channel, provides individually configurable video streams in H.264 compression to optimize bandwidth and storage without compromising image quality, in addition to supporting the Motion JPEG format to increase flexibility.

Any Axis Q60-E camera mounts quickly and easily inside the Q6000-E, without requiring installation brackets or extra equipment, since the latter device uses the same brackets and network cable as the previous one, minimizing installation time and cost.

In addition, the Q6000-E is powered by Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+) through Q60-E, which also eliminates the need to deploy electrical cables. Like all other Axis products, this device relies on the company's video management software through its program of app developer partners.

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By • 10 Nov, 2014
• Section: Deep down, Urban security, Video surveillance