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With the new extension for Axis cameras SketchUp 3D CAD software, system designers can easily select IP video surveillance systems of this provider and insert 3D models of buildings.

Axis SketchUp 3D CAD

This free tool Axis Communications SketchUp provides software for interactive 3D models of IP cameras from this manufacturer to assist in the planning and design of video surveillance systems. Users can register directly on CAD drawings cameras buildings and display areas covering each of these devices.

This new extension to SketchUp 3D CAD allows to evaluate the different types of mounting and viewing angles through interactive displays camera, showing the respective coverage areas. Users can make a horizontal movement, tilt and zoom IP devices to determine the optimal installation and ensure the best possible coverage of surveillance, easily detect anything that could obstruct vision.

This significantly reduces the risk that areas 'blind' not foreseen when planning and designing video surveillance systems. The Axis network cameras can be selected from the toolbar SketchUp for users to compare and evaluate different models and determine optimal mounting type.

Axis SketchUp 3D CAD

To Roberto de los Santos, sales engineer Axis Communications, "Thanks to the new extension for Axis cameras, system integrators can use to determine the location of Axis IP cameras within virtual buildings, allowing accurate planning of the viewing angles and the area covered by each camera. Since SketchUp integrates with Google Maps, when you are working on infrastructure projects or urban surveillance reviews you can get a good overview of the environment in which the cameras are placed, which optimizes the overall planning and design of video surveillance systems ".

This extension is available for free download from this link. Initially available in English, in the remainder of the year will be added versions in other languages (French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Chinese). In the catalog of Axis tools for the design of video surveillance systems also include Axis Coverage Shapes for Microsoft Visio and Axis Camera for Autodesk Revit Families.

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By • 22 Jul, 2014
• Section: Training, Urban Security, Services, CCTV