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In the framework of the 13th European Conference and Exhibition ASIS, it held last April in the Dutch city of The Hague, in this partnership brings together key players in the security environment, Tyco Integrated Fire & Security has presented its vision for the future of this sector in Europe in the coming years.

Tyco at ASIS Conference2014

President Tyco IF&S, Roland Billeter, identified in his speech as a sponsor of the conference this year and partner ASIS, the main areas of interest in security, centric embedded systems, the video management systems and video convergence sector.

"The global macroeconomic trends, such as the growth of the urban population, economic uncertainty and an increasingly globalized workforce, have an impact on society and the security sector-stressed Billeter. As a result of this changing security landscape, companies feel the increasing need to innovate and adapt. Organizations expect security systems contribute to business continuity and operational improvement, in addition to providing greater safety and profitability ".

Among the key findings were presented at the discussion table, in which also participated Ray Mauritsson, CEO de Axis Communications, y Ruben Wegman, CEO de Nedap, along with Roland Billeter, highlights the need for integrated systems interoperable, because traditional prove inadequate and limit the ability of companies in managing risk and ensuring compliance with safety. Also, using video management applications will increase and will be used in innovative ways to provide useful information and data that will improve business efficiency, stepping beyond the simple security.

ASIS Conference2014It is also anticipated that physical and IP-based security to converge with multiple safety systems controlled from a single management console center. For his part, customers pay more attention to improvements in operating efficiency and total cost of ownership in an attempt to maximize the return on your investment. Legacy systems must be integrated into new and customers will demand suppliers able to offer global support, experience in project management and a high level of customer service and training.

To protect sensitive data, companies must develop powerful security solutions, integrated security solutions, IT palliate the risks of theft or accidental loss of sensitive data stored in a multitude of portable devices. The transition from analogue to digital technology will continue to gain ground. Digital advances such as IP connectivity, HD cameras and digital image processing will allow companies to monitor and document the events in great detail and provide a level of visibility and monitoring previously unthinkable.

Last, technologies such as access control, HD video and automatic license plate recognition help fight organized crime, one of the most important concerns in the entire supply chain.

Tyco platform MISP

During this event, Tyco IF&S introduced its range of integrated security solutions, with particular emphasis on its new portfolio of cloud services platform video surveillance and management information security (Physical security information management, MISP).

As explained Tickets, "PSIM platform has established, possibly driven by 'light version' that allow its use for security challenges on a small scale. Its implementation can provide immediate benefits; however, if the system is not expandable, It certainly can be an expensive alternative. The analysis of security risks, costly security operations, avoid disruptions in the company's business and the use of the MISP in critical business processes offers companies the opportunity to manage a different model of investment, in which costs can be reduced by reducing operating costs and recurring capital expenditures ".

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By • 19 May, 2014
• Section: Events, Training, Business