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An innovative transition from an analog CCTV system to an IP-based digital system is made by the specialist CCTV Total Recall in the iconic Statue of Liberty and Liberty Island, who coordinated this project with the collaboration of nine leading international suppliers in the security industry and telecommunications.

Video surveillance statue of liberty

After eight months of renovation and repairs due to the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy in U.S. West Coast, the iconic Statue of Liberty reopened to the public in July 2013, namely Independence Day. As part of this restoration, This icon of the city of New York has revamped its entire security structure with advanced network video surveillance system specialist Total Recall.

For the project, This supplier has formed a dream team with nine companies of the security sector, Video management, telecommunications, storage, etc.. to develop a complete and advanced solution for IP-based digital video surveillance, also used as the Park Police United States; National Park Service (NPS) and the Department of the Interior (DOI) to increase public safety and improve operational efficiency at the newly renovated National Monument Statue of Liberty and Liberty Island, million tourists who visit each year.

Video surveillance statue of liberty

Total Recall has been commissioned to donate and redesign the system of surveillance and security for 'Liberty', including migration from analog CCTV to obsolete an innovative digital video technology based on IP, creating a modern intelligent control to help the security forces involved to do their job more efficiently and effectively, addition to expanding coverage and the security perimeter of the park, to which it was previously impossible to access.

This project began in 2014 with an award for Outstanding Achievement in National Security Public Safety and Security of Government Security News, after receiving the Bronze Award for Innovation in Security STE 2013 de la Security Industry Association (Association of Security Industry, SIA).

Statue liberty video surveillance control

Jordan Heilweil, CEO of Total Recall Corporation, It has welcomed "back part of the design and installation of the monitoring system of the Statue of Liberty. We have assembled a dream team of suppliers of reference in security technology to provide the best possible protection, while we help the Park Police, the Department of the Interior and the National Park Service to provide an experience and an effective and safe service to the millions of families who visit the monument every year ".

IP-based technology and innovative design of this new system can cover the entire perimeter of Liberty Island, facilities and park security control and 393 there are steps from the central hall of the main lobby to the crown of 'Lady Liberty'.

Video surveillance statue of liberty

Also, This network video surveillance system is also used to ensure the safety and security of visitors who come daily park, and to help the security forces to monitor traffic flow and extend control to keep people queuing in their appeal; assist the effective operation of ferry service; find people, mainly children, who stray, and respond effectively and quickly to any medical emergency or otherwise to occur both on the island and in the interior of the statue.

The current deployment of monitoring a precedent, since it is the first time a fully digital surveillance system is installed in the monument, and which covers areas of the island with the previous analog system was impossible to protect through a combination of fiber optics and wireless connections.

Video surveillance statue of liberty

Total Recall designed and oversaw the recent revision of the security system for the Statue of Liberty and Liberty Island in the year 1999, which was last updated in 2004, hence the urgency to improve and upgrade the safety and security of the facility visited by over four million people a year. This company will introduce this innovative project in New York City ASIS Security Conference and Expo, held from 13 to the 14 March at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York.

Project partners surveillance for 'Liberty’

Axis Communications, which provided a total 160 IP cameras with HDTV quality, day / night, with powerful zoom and unobtrusive appearance to suit the environment.

BriefCam, with its software solution Video Synopsis, that allows security personnel and police check hour video surveillance in minutes.

DragonWave, supplier of microwave radios in multi-gigabit packet, telecommunications and public safety communications mission critical.

Milestone Systems, software for its management and control in IP video open platform that integrates all components, allowing the first responders to visualize the recorded videos or live, even using mobile devices

Pivot3, which provides digital storage systems and computing, specifically designed for IP video industry.

Proxim Wireless, to deliver mobile broadband and high capacity wireless technology using Worp, that connects IP video surveillance cameras in areas that the previous system could not reach.

RGB Spectrum, which allows multiple video signals are displayed on the video wall installed in the new control center using its display processor MediaWall 2900.

Scallop Imaging, that provides perimeter security through its M6-200 IP cameras solid state, six megapixel, video with extremely low light and view (FOV) 200 ° panoramic without distortion.

Winsted Corporation, providing for the center console control, Ergonomically designed, to allow operators to work more comfortably and effectively in a critical environment like this.

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