Axis Communications presents its new AXIS Q87-E Dual PTZ network camera in a webinar session where its participants will be able to know the main applications and use cases of the equipment.

AXIS Q8721-E Dual PTZAxis Communications Organize the next 8 March an online training session (Webinar) to present the new series of cameras Axis Q87-E Dual PTZ, A computer capable of detecting with the thermal camera, and to zoom in and identify with the visual camera. This session will allow you to know its main applications and learn some use cases of this camera.

The series of network cameras Axis Q87-E Dual PTZ is ideal for critical surveillance situations in extreme situations that require the monitoring of restricted areas 24 hours of the day. Cameras offer flexibility for horizontal and vertical movements, as well as simultaneous video streams from visual and thermal cameras. Allow detection, Recognition and identification from a single unit.

The thermal camera achieves a higher accuracy than a visual camera, detecting an object or person in low or no light conditions, thanks to its kit A infrared illuminator PT.

AXIS Q8721-E Dual PTZWebinar Axis Q87-E Dual PTZ"

Friday, 8 March
Two sessions to choose from: 10:00 Or 16:00 Hours
More information and registration, Here.

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