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Provider of IP video solutions for professional installations, Axis Communications, It has been found that is reaping success in the retail sector the free client software AXIS Camera Companion, that allows small business owners to use HDTV network cameras to help them clearly identify intruders, thieves and other incidents.

AXIS Camera Companion

Axis Communications says that since its launch, the market has shown considerable interest in the AXIS Camera Companion, surveillance solution for smaller camera installations, especially in southern and central Europe and America. The Swedish company sees good growth potential with the AXIS Camera Companion for smaller systems. Small businesses, stations, pharmacies and retail stores, professionals who demand easy to use systems for increased security, have shown considerable interest. Easy installation, HDTV picture quality and access to video cameras over the Internet are some of the popular features.

Ray Mauritsson, presidente y CEO de Axis Communications, has declared: “AXIS Camera Companion has received very positive feedback. We have seen the strongest demand in southern and central Europe and America. Overall, is expected that the global network video market continues to evolve in line with what has been previously reported”.

The reatil is one of the sectors where demand is greater surveillance solution for small installations. For the retail trade, surveillance cameras typically involve a reduction in thefts. In a recent survey of retailers in the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway, the 80 percent of 700 traders surveyed, who own 40.000 stores, noted that cameras reduce theft. The survey was conducted by the Centre for Retail Research, a research and analysis, order by Axis Communications. Access to cameras via Internet, lower overall costs, and the fact that the cameras can be used to improve the processes of storage, for example when it comes to improved workforce planning and better display of products, are some of the advantages that have been mentioned.

Nowadays, the market for small installations is mainly composed of analog cameras, but there is an ongoing shift towards technology-based surveillance network based. “With AXIS Camera Companion we are driving technology change analog to digital video surveillance in small facilities. AXIS Camera Companion is a good example of how we promote the network video market through our innovative products”, concluye Ray Mauritsson.

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By • 30 Nov, 2012
• Section: Business, Computer Security, CCTV