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Provider of IP video solutions for professional installations, Axis Communications, has updated its software AXIS Camera Management, a powerful and efficient installation and management tool for network video products that can automatically find and set IP addresses, show connection status and configure and manage firmware upgrades of multiple devices.

Axis Communications today announced an enhanced version of AXIS Camera Management, a powerful software tool designed for the installation and management of network video products manufacturer Swedish. This tool allows management from a single point of Axis cameras in systems with one or multiple locations, facilitating both the distribution of applications to multiple cameras as the efficient management of all. This tool is especially designed for use by installers and system administrators.

AXIS Camera Management is designed for efficient management of network video installations using Axis products. The tool allows you to manage thousands of network cameras and video encoders and, to implement the tool in multiple locations, to manage all cameras from a single point. It is based on standard protocols and methods incorporate a network and intuitive user interface, AXIS Camera Management allows installers and system administrators to easily configure, maintain and update one or multiple video devices simultaneously.

Eloina Weijl, Head of Marketing at Axis Communications Iberia, noted: "Effective management of the cameras is a key element in any CCTV installation medium-sized or large, and it is an important part of our offer. We believe that being able to offer a powerful software tool that enables system management from a single point strengthens our offer to system administrators ".

Installation and management tool robust and effective

AXIS Camera Management can automatically find Axis IP cameras and other devices on the network and assign an IP address, configure multiple devices and display your online status. To simplify the maintenance of devices, This tool automatically provides the information of the latest available firmware and download and distribute updates to the appropriate devices. Users can perform firmware upgrades sequential or parallel for multiple network video devices.

In this new version, AXIS Camera Management también soporta AXIS Camera Application Platform, an open platform that lets you install and register simply embedded applications developed by other companies in network cameras and video encoders selected.

AXIS Camera Management 3.10 reemplaza a AXIS Camera Management 2.00. This tool is compatible with all network video products from Axis have firmware version 4.40 higher.

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By • 19 Nov, 2012
• Section: Computer Security, CCTV