Pelco by Schneider Electric and Dahua Technology have announced the integration of Pelco network cameras, including Sarix Mega-Performance cameras (series IX, IM and ID), Spectra IP high-definition cameras and multi-channel network encoders, with the full range of NVRs of the Chinese firm, including your Super Series portfolio, Desktop Series, and Vertical Series.

blankDahua Technology, manufacturer and supplier of products in the field of safety and security, has announced the integration of its full range of NVRs with network cameras Pelco, including Sarix Mega-Performance cameras (series IX, IM and ID), Spectra IP high-definition cameras and multi-channel network encoders.

La compañía china ha ampliado su cartera de NVRs a tres series: Super Series, Desktop Series and Vertical Series. The Super NVR DH-NVR6000 allows a maximum of 128ch IP camera inputs and supports a definition ranging from D1 to 5 Megapixel. The drive also supports RAID0/1/5, which is especially suitable for large-scale applications. As for your channel NVRs 4/8/16 Conventional, Dahuanow has introduced NVRs with built-in PoE port models, as the NVR32XXV-P 2 Vertical PoE HDD. With small dimensions and a compact design, this model is appropriate for households, SOHO and other small and medium-sized applications. And the special design of built-in POE ports and plug and play function not only simplifies installation at a lower cost, it also allows users without professional knowledge to use the device.


On the other hand, Pelco by Schneider Electric manufactures a complete offer of IP cameras, dome cameras and discrete security housings, video matrix systems, virtual array, State-of-the-art DVRs, Full HD LCD displays and megapixel high definition cameras, video management software, Etc.

blankStuart Rawling, Director of Partnership and Integration of Pelco by Schneider Electric, commented that “Pelco's commitment to open architecture and interoperability coincides with Dahua Technology, who shares our passion for delivering the best interoperable video solutions. Our collaboration with Dahua Technology provides security personnel with new options for the implementation of video management systems around Pelco cameras and Dahua Technology recording and management platforms”.

While, James Wang, dahua overseas product manager, has pointed out: “The video surveillance market has grown today with the growing demand from customers, and in Dahua we are making the effort of integration with different global brands to meet the various product demands and expectations. As a relevant player in the video security industry, Pelco fits well with our strategy, along with the benefits it brings to our mutual customers. We are sure that this collaboration is leading us to a winning situation”.

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By • 27 Sep, 2012
• Section: Computer security, Video surveillance