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Hommax Systems, company dedicated to the development and commercialization of electronic security systems, will be responsible for the distribution in Spain of MTeye Security products, following the acquisition of this Israeli company by Pima Electronic Systems.

Pima Electronic Systems, supplier of hybrid intrusion alarm systems, long-range radio frequency transmitters, Gprs, Ip, along with hardware and software for central monitoring stations (Cra), announced that it has integrated into its bosom all the activities of the company MTeye Security, a developer of advanced wireless communication and video surveillance solutions for security in the residential and commercial markets. This includes the wireless product line of video verification systems marketed under the brand names AlarmView and SmartView.

The Israeli manufacturer has also reported that the Valencian company dedicated to the distribution of electronic products for safety applications Hommax Systems will continue to be the exclusive distributor of Pima-Wireless products throughout Spain. The Levantine firm, in coordination with Pima, will take responsibility for providing technical support and assurances to MTeye customers and equipment that was acquired in the past from MTeye. Pima will continue to manufacture and sell MTeye products and will also continue with the development of Pima-Wireless products and a new generation of products across all employees who make up the company's entire R&D and support team.

Pima has indicated in a statement: “We are excited about this opportunity to be able to offer the wide range of Pima wired panels along with the most advanced wireless and video verification technology. This negotiation will position Pima at the forefront of the global electronic security industry. Our current approach is to continue the existing sales presence in Europe and dedicate our greatest efforts to develop the next generation of wireless systems and video verification of Pima-Wireless systems to match Pima alarm systems”.

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By • 12 Jul, 2012
• Section: Business