TP-Link SP9030

The launch of this solar panel is accompanied by the Vigi C540-4G IP camera from TP-Link, incorporating 4 megapixels and Full Color technology, And, thanks to its 4G LTE connectivity, is the ideal solution for remote areas without fiber Internet access.

TP-Link has presented the SP9030 Smart Solar Panel which has a power generation capacity of 90W and a 30Ah/10.8V lithium battery. This equipment consists of a vertical and horizontal support, The solar panel itself, and has various mounting options for a completely modular installation depending on the equipment to be connected.

Acts as a constant power source to different equipment, as cameras of Video surveillance, Outdoor access points or wireless bridges.

This launch is accompanied by the new Vigi C540-4G IP camera, incorporating 4 megapixels and Full Color Technology, and thanks to its 4G LTE connectivity, it is the ideal solution for remote areas without fiber Internet access.

The SP9030 smart solar panel is completely modular, with various installation possibilities, and is designed to withstand all kinds of weather conditions even in very adverse situations, thanks to its IP66 certification.

Its use in conjunction with the new Vigi C540-4G IP camera allows for virtually autonomous operation thanks to 4G connectivity.

The SP9030 solar panel provides a constant power source to connected equipment such as video surveillance cameras or outdoor access points. It is the perfect solution for rural areas such as farms, Reservoirs, mines or forested areas, where power and internet access are difficult to provide.

The design of the equipment has been carried out considering that its use is outdoors, And, that's why, It has maximum resistance to environmental factors. The horizontal bracket is made of high-quality SGCC galvanized steel, that offers great solidity, corrosion protection and increased oxidation resistance. The solar panel itself, Protected with aluminum, It is made of tempered glass of 3,2 mm thick covering the entire surface, significantly increasing impact resistance and overall durability.

For the right Operation in all weather conditions It has a built-in smart battery that is compatible with smart auxiliary heating technology, which regulates the temperature of the same so that it works normally in a wide range of temperatures, from -30°C to 45°C. In turn, IP66 weather protection certification ensures high-performance operation even in harsh environments with rain or dust.

SP9030 system solar panel is grade A, ensuring a lifespan of at least 25 Years, and has a conversion efficiency of 21,6%. Your MPPT Controller (Maximum Power Point Tracking) Optimizes solar panel power, reducing losses and increasing loading efficiency by a 20% compared to PWM controllers (Pulse width modulation). The panel can be installed in different positions with different angles to take advantage of sunlight.

The SP9030 system is completely modular, which means that an assembly can be made to suit the specific needs of each installation, with a wide variety of combinations including 4G cameras, bullet, Wireless Access Points and Bridges. Depending on the combination, Battery performance may be modified.

The system allows total remote control through the Vigi App, from which to check the current battery power, generation and load, anytime, anywhere. It also provides daily and monthly information on battery energy production and usage. The app can send/receive instant low battery alerts, Update firmware and reboot the system via the mobile app. In turn, Vigi Smart Controller performs intelligent self-diagnostics in real-time and automatically restarts when faults or anomalies are detected.

TP-Link Vigi C540-4G

Vigi C540-4G Camera

The complement to the SP9030 solar panel system is the new Vigi C540-4G camera, a 4MP PT Full Color IP device with a resolution of 2,560×1,440 pixels. It comes equipped with a sensor CMOS 1/3" progressive scan, a lens with a focal length of 4 mm and F/1.6 aperture that captures clear, detailed images even in low light conditions.

It has a Pan system&Tilt, allowing 360° coverage that eliminates blind spots. With intelligent detection of people and vehicles, it better monitors the environment. A key feature is 4G LTE connectivity to connect to the network anywhere and thus facilitate its installation in areas with no Internet access, as rural areas. For outdoor installation, durability is a factor to consider, and therefore Vigi C450-4G is IP66 certified, ensuring maximum resistance even in adverse weather conditions.

In terms of storage and efficiency, Vigi C540-4G uses the H.265+ video encoding, to minimize video file size without compromising quality, saving storage space and bandwidth. The camera supports internal storage of up to 512 GB via an SD card slot.

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By • 29 May, 2024
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