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Technology in high definition that incorporates the NC250 camera TP-Link provides clear, crisp images. It also offers night vision with video surveillance 24 support×7 and ability to compress images in H.264.

TP-Link NC250

TP-Link NC250 is a cloud equipped with Wi-Fi technology IP camera that transmits live images and provides remote viewing, enabling user to be connected with what most interests you there where is.

Its technology in high definition (720p) provides clear, crisp images, In addition to night vision surveillance support the 24 hour. Its capacity of compressing images H.264, It ensures streaming videos in HD while it consumes less bandwidth.

With a design compact, TP-Link NC250 camera can be installed anywhere easily. With a wireless data transfer of 300 Mbps, the device can be controlled both from the computer, using the Configuration Wizard, as well as from the tablet or smartphone through the tpCamera application.

Also, This video surveillance of TP-Link camera offers the possibility to schedule sending instant notifications via email whenever they detect movement, It allows you to know what is happening.


  • Picture in HD (720p).
  • Night vision: support video surveillance 24×7.
  • H.264 Compression.
  • Wireless connectivity of 300 Mbps.
  • Notifications by email or FTP triggered by detection of movement and sound program.
  • The application tpCamera allows access at any time and place.
  • Visualization and intuitive management through the tplinkcloud.com portal.

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By • 9 Feb, 2016
• Section: CCTV