Bosch Autodome 7100i

Thanks to this suite of deep learning video analytics applications, the new cameras of Bosch Improve urban surveillance and traffic control.

Bosch has incorporated video analytics applications Pro VAT (Intelligent Video Analytics Pro) to the new cameras Autodome 7100i (Go). These solutions offer reliable and accurate classification for urban surveillance, Traffic control and long-distance perimeter detection.

These cameras are equipped with a positioning system that provides stable images despite power outages, excessive force and vibrations. They never lose track of their position, not even if the feed is cut off or receives excessive force. The brushless positioning motors that it integrates, They are very efficient because they consume less energy and offer a longer service life.

To ensure the capture of relevant data the 24 hours of the day, offer 1080p and 4K ultra-HD resolutions, starlight technology and optional IR models. To save time, The cameras employ a simplified installation concept and do not require calibration for the detection of people or vehicles.

Thanks to the IVA Pro suite of applications, Bosch Autodome 7100i cameras can distinguish between cars, Bicycles, Motorcycles, buses and trucks; Detect and classify pedestrians, even in crowded scenes; Perform vehicle counting with greater than 95%; and get advanced metadata such as GPS location and speed.

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By • 15 May, 2023
• Section: Systems control, Urban security, Video surveillance