Dallmeier PlanD

Called PlanD, This 3D camera planning tool from Dallmeier Offers a unique user experience for partners and end customers when designing their video security project.

The 3D camera planning developed by Dallmeier Provides partners and end customers with a tool with intelligent functions, that combine with one with an intuitive user interface, to take professional project camera design and deployment to a new level.

Dallmeier PlanD

Thanks to Dallmeier's PlanD, Installers and end customers can plan in minutes Video Security Projects in a professional manner, In addition to using the built-in sharing function to make the project design more interactive and efficient.

The PlanD tool allows you to switch between switch between 2D/3D environments, with drawing function also in three dimensions; Perform a resolution density simulation based on DIN IN 62676-4, as well as View in real time obstructions or shadows of the camera's field of view and device view, In addition to calculating live storage and Project budget (the latter function is for authorized Dallmeier partners).

Dallmeier PlanD

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By • 12 Dec, 2022
• Section: Systems control, HIGHLIGHTED IN DEPTH, MAIN HIGHLIGHT, Business, Services, Video surveillance