Dallmeier with Art Protection

Rfid tracking solution Fortecho for object surveillance has been integrated into the software Dallmeier Hemisphere. In this way, museums and galleries can manage their alarms through a 3D map and check incidents using video cameras.

Dallmeier has announced that its open software platform Hemisphere supports system Art Protection based on Rfid of Fortecho Solutions. In this way, Museums, galleries and private customers can manage their alarms through a 3D map and check incidents using video cameras. Among the advantages it offers is a '3-click search' and a broad understanding of the security situation..

Many gallery and museum operators use RFID-based tracking solutions to protect their artworks from being touched., stolen or exposed to unwanted environmental influences.

Standalone systems often lack the overview that facilitates intelligent integrations into VMS. And, Here, is where the joint solution of Dallmeier and the British IoT security provider Fortecho comes into play.

Dallmeier with Art Protection

Fortecho's set of active RFID tags collects object-level data and transmits it via an encrypted RFID signal to enterprise software Aspect Arts by Fortecho.

Based on predefined rules and custom parameters, the software evaluates the information and activates alarms if necessary. Movement, Manipulation, proximity, attack as well as temperature variations, relative humidity and light influences, all are displayed as individually adaptable alarms in fortecho software.

"By integrating Fortecho's RFID tracking solution into Dallmeier's software, we can offer our customers the perfect user experience. With Hemisphere's intuitive user interface, security personnel at museums and other facilities can visually check alarms from RFID tags on artwork in a few moments.", Explains Celso Prieto, Head Engineer, Fortecho Solutions.

Dallmeier with Art Protection

Integration with Dallmeier's Hemisphere software links alarm messages from RFID tags to camera viewing angles.

If an RFID tag logs an incident, Dallmeier's software processes the alarm with the help of the open source messaging broker'Apache ActiveMQ', and the user sees the location of the affected camera in a 2D or 3D shot of their environment, in a color defined according to the priority of the alarm.

At the same time, all events are listed in the 'Alarm Inbox' along with all associated information, such as the name and an image of the artwork to allow an unambiguous assignment.

Dallmeier with Art Protection

The user can check the alarm with just a mouse click, For example, switching to live images or watching a looping playback that starts five seconds before alarm trigger and ends five seconds later. It is also possible to send the alarm to other users or add comments to it.

"The Fortecho integration is an example of how alarm messages from third-party applications can be integrated into the Hemisphere software platform with the help of Apache ActiveMQ", Clarifies Ep Smit, Senior Enterprise Solutions Manager de Dallmeier. "Through the interactive dashboard of the Hemisphere software, users in the museum or art sector can access with just three mouse clicks or less, to all information relating to any incident within a given period of time."

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By • 19 Jul, 2022
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