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Dallmeier Domera 6000

The Domera series 6000 of Dallmeier has a high image quality with resolution of 4 or 8 Mp, HDR functionality and very high light sensitivity, so they are suitable for indoor and outdoor use with difficult light conditions.

With the camera series Domera 6000, Dallmeier presents a new generation of dome cameras. A team that provides optimal analysis results, even under the most demanding light conditions. To this contributes both the edge analytics AI-based as image capture with 4 And 8 Megapixel.

The modular housing and mounting system of Domera cameras covers, with its more than 300 theoretically possible combinations, a large portion of all indoor and outdoor video applications. Quick installation and adaptation to modified environments is taken care of by the Dallmeier RPoD with a motorized three-axis adjustment of the lens and remotely controllable, also called function PTRZ (Pan Tilt Roll Zoom).

In lighting it is used, for the first time, a ring with IR Led and white light, positioned outside the dome. In this way, system eliminates lighting problems of traditional dome cameras.

Dallmeier Domera 6000

AI-based edge analytics

Thanks to its system-on-chip (Soc) high-performance, Domera cameras have a state-of-the-art AI-based edge analytics. Reliable detection and classification of objects such as people or vehicles enables a series of basic analyses, as a count of people, loitering or intrusion.

Through the web-based user interface, a variety of possible analysis applications for your specific requirements can be visualized using different parameters. By controlling relays, but also the support of standard protocols such as MQTT, it is possible to automatically push subsequent actions such as, For example, the activation of third-party lighting or alarm systems.

Optionally available integrated speaker allows manual or automatic acoustic reaction. Regular updates ensure that neural networks are always up to date and continue to be trained. On request, Dallmeier experts also develop or train neural networks for bespoke applications.

Dallmeier Domera 6000

IR Lighting

The series 6000 has a high image quality with resolution of 4 or 8 Mp, HDR functionality and very high light sensitivity, so they are suitable for indoor and outdoor use with difficult light conditions.

A particularly noteworthy point is the IR and white lighting system, adaptive and completely new, whose registration as a utility model has already been requested. The lighting is integrated into the ring of the housing and, therefore, placed outside the dome. This design ensures a long period of use as it eliminates the problem of conventional IR dome cameras in which small scratches on the dome produce annoying reflections..

A great time saving is provided by the motorized three-axis adjustment with the Remote Positiong Dome (RPoD) by Dallmeier. Thanks to its PTRZ function, users can remotely adjust framing and area to capture, and modify it later. Like this, it is also possible to turn 90 degrees for aisle mode. Full camera tuning is browser-based and requires no additional software.

Dallmeier Domera 6000

Domera Components

With Domera components, much more than 300 different products. This is made possible by a well-conceived modular system with four basic models, various lighting rings and different housing and mounting variants.

The cameras, Supporting Onvif Profile S And T, they are also integrable in any VMS system. Like this, The 90 percent of all classic video applications can run easily and with the highest quality and security. All of this, with minimal training effort and reduced storage for the benefit of the installer.

“From the beginning, in the development of the Domera series 6000, the customer's views were above anything else. To end customers we offer the highest image quality and, thanks to AI analysis, an advantage to users that goes far beyond mere video functionality”, comments Dieter Dallmeier, Founder & CEO, Dallmeier Electronic. “The installer can offer real added value. And, all of it, with minimal effort in configuration, installation and adjustment”.

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