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The integrator Helixeon has completed an ambitious security project at the American cult center James River, using different camera models from the manufacturer Vivotek, to ensure interior and exterior protection.

Church leaders James River, which has several centers of worship and campuses in the United States, have completed the project to renovate their security system, that used multiple PTZ cameras but did not offer coverage of the entire perimeter of the property and its interior to prevent theft and incidents.

To address these gaps in your protection, the project required installing cameras with greater coverage in several areas, with enough resolution to deliver sharp images in situations of minimal light and contrasts, to which was added the need for the people counting function to know the empty seats in the auditorium for capacity control, as well as tracking people in the facility.

James River Helixeon VivotekTo address these needs, the technology integrator Helixeon selected for this project a total of 34 security solutions based on network cameras of different types for deployment inside and outside the church, from the manufacturer Vivotek.

Specifically,, in the interior corridors and in some rooms fifteen dome-type network cameras of the model have been installed FD9189-HT-v2, with remote focus capability to capture high-quality images in high-contrast, low-light environments, sensor 5 Mp, with resolution of 2,560×1,920p to 30 fps and H.265 compression.

This device offers two lens options for different scenarios: remote focus and fixed focal, to which are added its IR illuminators with an effective range of up to 30 meters away.

James River Helixeon VivotekTen cameras have also been integrated Vivotek MS9390-HV, with dual wide-angle lens and resolution of 4 Megapixel, for operation inside and outside the installation. Unlike traditional multi-sensor panoramic models that rely on four sensors, this device incorporates the technologies Supreme Night Visibility (Snv) And WDR Pro.

The MS9390-HV model also equips 180º IR illuminators to cover a distance of up to 20 meters and offers full resolution images to 30 Fps.

Exterior and perimeter protection

To offer the greatest coverage and protection of the exterior of the church, five H.265 dome network cameras of the series are used. FD9389-v2, equipped with a 5 MP for a resolution of 2,560×1.920p a 30 Fps. Like the rest of the installed models, have Vivotek SNV and WDR Pro technology, as well as two lens options (remote and fixed focal).

James River Helixeon VivotekThis model, with IR illuminators for an effective range of up to 30 meters for better night visibility, it has a housing with IP66 rating E IK10 to withstand climate change. It also incorporates the Smart Stream III technology from Vivotek and H.265 codec support, as well as intelligent motion detection by AI.

At last, for the interior and exterior sanctuaries of the church, Helixeon has installed four 360º panomorphic network cameras FE9191 and sensor CMOS of 12 Megapixel, avoiding blind spots and providing comprehensive coverage of large spaces.

The FE9191 model now also includes the new video content analysis advanced Smart VCA, that allows the detection of intruders, crowds and prowling; features that allow surveillance cameras to move from image capture devices to advanced notification instruments.

As you pointed out Rick Dale, owner of Helixeon, "Our customer now has the ability to visualize and protect all areas, without having to worry about whether a PTZ computer pointed in the right direction or not. The installation has been a success and they plan to use Vivotek in the rest of their centers".

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By • 2 Feb, 2022
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