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Bosch Traffic Detector

The Traffic Detector deep learning video software from Bosch Security supports predictive solutions for traffic monitoring and people counting applications.

Designed primarily for traffic applications, as intersection control, automatic incident detection and data-driven decision support, the software Traffic Detector helps distinguish and classify vehicles in congested scenes with precise details, including speeds, location and color.

Bosch Traffic Detector

Another advantage of this new software Bosch Security is that it can also detect and count trucks, Bus, Motorcycles, bicycles and people. All this thanks to the fact that it is based on video analysis, from deep neural networks, supporting predictive solutions for traffic control and people counting applications.

This advanced analytics technology is also based on the deep learning (deep learning), what you use artificial neural networks that try to imitate the human brain, allowing you to learn from the large amounts of data that are received and recognize patterns to tackle more complex tasks faster, easy and accurate.

Once integrated with Intelligent Video Analytics, Traffic Detector data is increased with the speed of the object, GPS location and color. The software's deep learning algorithm ignores potential disturbances caused by headlights or vehicle shadows, so it offers high-precision data.

Bosch Traffic Detector

In addition, data collected by Traffic Detector can be analyzed, consolidate and visualize using the software Intelligent Insights to turn them into actionable information. Operators use this knowledge to make informed decisions that can help avoid safety issues, ease traffic congestion, Etc.

The data provided by Traffic Detector offers an additional advantage for the detection of people, ideal for perimeter protection, tracking people and apps for retail, such as solutions for queues at checkout counters.

Traffic Detector is available as a special version of Object classification (OC) in the range of Inteox cameras. Depending on the application, customers can choose between fixed or mobile rate factors. Subsequently, will be available in software licenses that can be supplemented with specific software maintenance agreements.

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By • 7 Dec, 2021
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