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Bosch Flexidome 5100i IR

With resolution of 6 Or 12 Megapixel, panoramic cameras Bosch Flexidome 5100i and IR, indoors and outdoors, now have a fisheye stereographic lens, with a 360º view and no blind spots.

The renewed range of panoramic cameras Flexidome 5100i of Bosch “goes further in the evolution of artificial intelligence (The), uniting sound with video to expand situation awareness”, ensure from the company.

One microphone array, integrated with three digital microphones, “prepares the cameras for the future audio analysis, so that users get an overview of the monitored areas and are more proactive in identifying and responding to threats”.

Just like all Bosch cameras, these new devices combine the technologies of artificial intelligence with internet of things (We), making it easy to turn video data into valuable insights, as well as its installation and remote management.

Bosch Flexidome 5100i IR

With a sensor resolution of 12 Megapixel at an image rate of 30 frames per second, these cameras provide a 360º overview, which allows the simple capture of objects to significantly improve the quality of a video surveillance system.

Exposure to capture objects of interest is achieved in every situation by intelligent automatic exposure, so that the camera dynamically adapts to changing light conditions to offer optimal front light and backlight compensation.

Outdoor versions, resistant to high impacts (IK10) and climate change (IP66), they are prepared for different lighting conditions and have a infrared beams (Go) integrated up to 20 meters away.

The AI-based software of the camera, which will be available in future firmware releases, detects unique audio signatures of glass shots and breaks, while ignoring false positives, like knocking on a car door, Etc.

Bosch Flexidome 5100i IR

Audio AI enables security personnel to respond quickly and appropriately, without giving up privacy, as it does not leave the camera or record audio information.

At the same time an audio alarm occurs, an activation of a camera in close motion indicates that it focuses close to the sound and automatically follows any moving objects in the scene. Thanks to the data of the audio and video sensors of these panoramic devices and AI technology, data is converted into useful information that helps users anticipate un foreseen events and prevent them from occurring..

Designed for easy installation and assembly, these panoramic cameras also offer turn-and-click functions to reduce installation time. A rotating image sensor allows for easier alignment.

In applications where it is necessary to focus downward along the wall, cameras can be easily mounted and tilted for a 180º view. In addition, A micro HDMI output allows a connection to a monitor to display live images of the full image circle.

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By • 13 Sep, 2021
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