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Bosch BVMS 11

BVMS 11.0, the latest version of AIoT software from Bosch, offers a map-based tracking wizard to facilitate operator work and decision-making.

With the version 11.0 of BVMS, the data-driven video management system Bosch that facilitates predictive solutions and actionable information for decision-making, operators can prevent, more easily detect and resolve security-related incidents, viewing the correct information at all times.

Thanks to the compatibility of online maps, with BVMS 11.0 all cameras and their fields of view can be displayed with icons on an interactive map, which gives operators a complete view of the entire camera network, regardless of system size.

To crawl an object, operators can select cameras successively along the moving path of the person or object. A multi-camera view shows the main camera, as well as the four closest devices.

The map-based trace wizard (map-based tracking assistant) built into 11.0 BVMS offers intuitive and reliable tracking, even when operators are not familiar with the location of the cameras.

Operators need a solution capable of consolidating, filter and augment the data provided by multiple video cameras in one installation.

Once combined with bosch cameras incorporating Video Analytics, BVMS can be enhanced with Intelligent Insights, the new data management software from this manufacturer that adds and displays the metadata of one or more cameras in Widgets fast and easy to understand intuitive.

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By • 15 Jun, 2021
• Section: Systems control, Detection, Services, Video surveillance