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Bosch Flexidome multi 7000i

The new flexidome multi 7000i and 7000i IR camera line, consisting of models of 12 And 20 Mp, incorporates multidirectional overview, with Intelligent Video Analytics, and machine learning, with Camera Trainer.

Bosch Security Systems is expanding its portfolio of solutions AIoT, And, it has, with the introduction of cameras Flexidome multi 7000i And 7000i IR. Combining a multidirectional overview with Intelligent Video Analytics and machine learning (Camera Trainer) incorporated, make them ideal for predictive applications in areas of wide coverage, as intersections, public spaces and shops.

The new Flexidome multi 7000i solution portfolio is made up of a 12 Mp, another of the 20 MP and with my resolution there are also two models that include IR.

These smart cameras combine four independent image sensors, of 3 Or 5 megapixels in one solution, and can provide an overview of 360 Degrees.

Multidirectional cameras

Bosch Flexidome multi 7000iThey are very flexible and comfortable. Although each camera houses four independent image sensors, has a single IP address and only needs a Video Management System license. It can also be connected via a single cable.

Being multidirectional, all models incorporate four independent high-resolution AVF lenses that capture images from four individual scenes simultaneously with high pixel density.

Each goal offers 3 To 5 Megapixel, depending on the model used. When these are placed at the right angle, can offer general views of 360 Degrees. In addition, zoom capability allows detailed coverage of the farthest areas or critical areas.

Each image sensor offers multi-exposure HDR (120Db), ensuring the capture of details in low-light scenes.

All IR models feature a built-in 360-degree infrared feature to capture images in the darkest scenes at a distance of up to 30 Meters.

Intelligent Video Analytics and Camera Traine

Bosch Flexidome multi 7000iFlexidome multi 7000i and Flexidome multi 7000i IR cameras include Intelligent Video Analytics and Camera Traine, that provide practical information that helps operators react before a potential threat or unwanted situation occurs.

They can run up to 16 alarm rules, allowing what each scene is focused on. Intelligent Video Analytics configuration and calibration on each image sensor is simplified with the built-in gyro sensor.

With Camera Trainer, these cameras can even be programmed to detect the objects or situations that matter most. This ability to identify new user-defined parameters, combined with existing alarm rules and filters, improves both accuracy and flexibility.

Ease of assembly

Bosch Flexidome multi 7000iOne of the main advantages of choosing Bosch security cameras is the ease of installation, and this range is no exception.

These flexible and comfortable cameras house four image sensors, but they have a single IP address, so they only require a single Video Management System license (depending on the VMS, valid for the most common systems) and can be installed with a single cable.

Each of the four image sensors can be configured independently by three-axis motion along a circular guide, allowing you to capture images from virtually any angle.

In addition, the camera has a USB-C port that supports a Wi-Fi dongle to allow setup via Project Assistant, when you don't have a local network.
In this way, wiring is reduced, installation and configuration time and, therefore, costs.

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By • 28 Apr, 2021
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