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The comprehensive safety and protection solution that has been installed has a fire alarm, access control, public address and video security on a single platform.

Bosch at Neva Towers

Two high-rise skyscrapers are the latest addition to Moscow's modern International Business Centre (MIBC). The new Neva Towers (Neva Towers) are among the tallest buildings in Europe, With 302 meters and 69 floors in the tower 1 And 345 meters and 79 floors in the tower 2.

Bosch at Neva TowersThis multifunctional Moscow complex combines residential and commercial spaces and features facilities such as cinema, panoramic pool, spa centre and sports facilities. All in one area of 357.000 square meters. In addition, Neva Towers project meets LEED-rated eco-building standards (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

In search of a building security and management system for the project, the promoter Renaissance Construction had a main objective: integration.

On the one hand, integration between critical systems such as access control systems, fire alarm, Pa, intrusion detection and video security at the two Neva Towers. But also an integration that results in additional functionality, For example, connecting elevators with card readers to gain unhindered access rights and linking fire alarm and voice transmission systems to optimize emergency response.

Building operators called for smart features to improve building safety and efficiency, including automatic camera intrusion alerts with Intelligent Video Analytics and energy saving, thanks to optimized control of elevator traffic.

Bosch at Neva Towers

Comprehensive solution

Bosch at Neva TowersBosch was the choice to provide the level of integration that was sought on a single platform. Working with the latest version of Building Integration System (Bis), the team laid the foundation for integrated access control management, Video surveillance, fire alarm, public address and intrusion systems.

As a result, a single networked solution allows you to manage more than 1.400 security cameras, in addition to card readers, smoke detectors and speakers.

As an additional challenge, the system had to pass a flexibility test from the outset: the construction of the first tower, completely dedicated to apartments for residential use, it ended in 2020, while the tower 2, with offices and commercial spaces, would take several more months.

Bosch at Neva TowersThat's why, the system should be able to anticipate specific configurations of fire detectors, cameras and card readers at a later time. BIS offers this flexibility on a single platform, including convenient management of resident access privileges, workers and visitors through BIS Access Engine (ace) integrated as full access control software.

The Neva Towers pride themselves on offering the occupants of the building a concept of “doors open” without physical safety barriers such as checkpoints and turnsniquets. But this can be difficult, because certain parts of the facility, like spa and cinema, are open to the public. That's why, from doors inside, the system ensures that only authorized cardholders can handle elevators, verified through BIS-ACE.

Moreover, the system automatically recognizes residents who pass their card, including those accessing from the underground parking level, and automatically directs the elevator to the floor of the building in a totally contactless experience.
Also maintaining the low-profile security approach, ceiling-mounted dome cameras combine with the architecture of the interior of the building.

Bosch at Neva Towers

To adapt to the aesthetics of interior design, Smoke detectors and apartment speakers combine with color palette. Despite staying behind the scenes, Neva Towers security and protection systems remain vigilant 24 Hours, supporting security personnel with useful intelligence. All over the perimeter and in the car parks under the towers, cameras with built-in Intelligent Video Analytics automatically alert the control room to intrusions and suspicious behavior.

In case of fire, integration between the fire alarm and the public address through Bosch Safety Link allows the building to be evacuated by zones, directing the occupants closest to the threat to safety by means of automatic evacuation voice messages.

Bosch at Neva Towers

To support eco-building certification through LEED, the solutions installed in the Neva Towers were selected for their low energy consumption and long-term relevance in order to ensure sustainable and future-proof investment.

When the tower 2 connects, building operators can configure user access rights for office workers and manage daily visitor control using BIS. At the same time, building management can flexibly change the proportion of commercial and residential spaces in the tower and adjust access control and security accordingly.

Smart solutions, like AI-powered security cameras, are ready to “learn” new features through software updates, without investing in new hardware, For example, when it comes to maintaining safety and health guidelines that may arise in the future of smart buildings like these new skyscrapers certified as ecological constructions.

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By • 9 Apr, 2021
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