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Users of the German manufacturer's cameras can implement the FDF2711W-IP IP decoding monitor and dx0211-IP IP decoding box for those workstations that do not require additional video management.

Dallmeier Picoline 5050

Single-sensor cameras Dallmeier are integrated into IP decoding solutions Eizo, allowing customers to perform video surveillance solutions without the need for computers.

blankIn the past, transmitting video surveillance images from IP cameras to surveillance monitors required a lot of work. Before you get to the monitor, had to run a PC with the corresponding software and peripherals so that it could provide the image signal of the IP camera – along with additional software licenses, more system maintenance and hardware resources.

Now, Dallmeier camera users can deploy the DuraVision FDF2711W-IP IP decoding monitor and Eizo DuraVision DX0211-IP IP decoding box for jobs that do not require additional video management. Its system supports the entire range of single sensor cameras from the German manufacturer.

Eizo systems are ideal for operation 24/7 security and surveillance facilities and are equipped with a high-performance set-top box and a number of functions for managing video streams, integrated directly into the firmware.

EIZO DuraVision DX0211-IP

Dallmeier's single sensor cameras are known for their image quality and reproduction, even under difficult conditions.

The combination of both solutions (Dallmeier cameras and Eizo's IP decoding monitor or IP decoding box) can be used in various sectors. Among them are, For example, processing passengers at airports, local public transport, concierges, assisted residences, hospitals and many other scenarios.

In small environments, the solution can, frequently, replace the VMS system, saving more costs and effort in providing video images for security personnel and other workers.

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By • 30 Sea, 2021
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