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BP Manor Garage, located in South Africa, has updated its security infrastructure with 50 Cameras, IB9360-H and IB9388-HT, and has replaced three existing NVRs with an NR9782-v2.

Vivotek at BP Manor Garage

To provide better customer service, Vivotek has helped BP Manor Garage Gas Station, located in Pietermaritzburg (South Africa), to update your security system. Most of the cameras this gas station had, installed about four years ago, were suitable for current customer requirements, but the infrastructure itself required an upgrade.

Vivotek IB9360-HSome of the older cameras were damaged because their seal had worn out, which allowed water to enter. On the storage side, the user needed to retain the recorded images for four months while performing the remote viewing from a location that was about five kilometers away.

BP Manor already had a strong and positive track record in using Vivotek's complete IP surveillance systems, including network cameras, network video recorders (Nvr) and video management software. This long-term partnership ensured that the company continued to choose the same brand.

A total of 50 Cameras, covering areas from vehicle entrances to ATMs, the workshop, bomb zones and staff rooms.

Vivotek started the project by replacing damaged cameras with IB9360-H and IB9388-HT models. These bullet-type equipment provides high-quality images and are weatherproof, IP66 rating, and they're vandal-proof, with an IK10-rated housing.

Vivotek NR9782-V2To meet the demands of gas stations, a mini fisheye camera, with an immersive view of 360 grades covers the store; while fixed and cash domes cover the ATM inside; and the bullet ones, weatherproof and vandal-proof. protect outdoor entrances.

The upgrade project has also included renovations of three existing NVRs that were replaced by a single 128 channels and 16 hot-swappable HDD bays, NR9782-V2.

Also, the entire system has been connected and managed by Vivotek's state-of-the-art video management software, VAST 2, that allows the customer to better control footage with smart search, video analytics reports and third-party data sources with Data Magnet functionality.

Data Magnet allows you to import PoS data into VAST 2, providing quick access to recorded data, while supporting simultaneous visualization of sales transaction information during live streaming.

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By • 12 Sea, 2021
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