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This appliance store, located in Vienna, has installed six panoramic IP cameras, endowed with this functionality, in order to record traffic and customer interaction. The analysis of this data allows to optimize sales.

Bosch at BSH Vienna

In the appliance store BSH vienna, the cameras of Bosch Security Systems, equipped with Intelligent Video Analytics, collect metadata to know how customers respond to exhibitors. From this actionable Information from In-Store Analytics, sellers can improve their customers' shopping experience.

Bosch at BSH ViennaWhen it comes to allocating exhibition spaces in physical stores, retailers face an important question: How efficient are the exhibitors of special products to generate interest in the customer and, ultimately, increase sales?

Unlike online shopping, physical commerce lacks concrete data on how customers interact with products. That is why the BSH appliance store decided to incorporate In-Store Analytics to reach a new level of understanding of traffic and customer interaction..

In particular, they wanted to measure the effects of a new design concept on sales. This new concept is based on the exhibition of key products, For example, Washing machines, especially on prominent walls.

Bosch at BSH ViennaThese walls have a light blue plexiglass background and special lighting to attract the attention of customers.. But from a logistical point of view, featured walls cost more and offer less exhibition space than 'normal' product stands.

The answers, data-driven, came from the hand of Bosch In-Store Analytics, a solution that is based on the IP cameras of this manufacturer and that are equipped with Intelligent Video Analytics (Vat) to collect metadata about customer traffic.

Discreetly integrated into the ceiling, six panoramic IP cameras create an anonymous position data stream of buyers. In turn, In-Store Analytics processes this data and translates it into performance results and visualizations that are shared with the store team through web interfaces.. When comparing the impact of featured walls with other exhibitors, the team can use a high level of traffic information.

The information that is obtained about customer behavior includes: the number of buyers who have gone through a section, those who have slowed down when passing through an exhibitor and, the most important thing, those who interact with the product.

For a long-term vision, these parameters can be compared with previous data to measure the impact of updates and initiatives. In addition, the total privacy of the client is maintained, sending your camera position data to the Bosch In-Store Analytics Cloud, without video streams ever leaving the site.

Bosch at BSH Vienna

Experience at the point of sale

Data analysis yielded important conclusions. The store team found that a washing machine exposed on a prominent wall achieves a customer interaction rate of 84% higher than that of other products. And this was just the beginning., as in-store traffic visualization allows the design team to optimize the customer experience.

Based on the findings of the Vienna store, prominent walls were implemented to display relevant products in its last physical store in the city of Graz, inaugurated in 2020.

In this new generation of retail experiences, ensuring high profitability per square meter is no longer a guessing game, but part of a continuous optimization process to improve the customer experience based on intelligent data.

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By • 1 Dec, 2020
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