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The new firmware version of this video fire detection solution enables system deployments in non-lighting environments.

The development of Aviotec 7.70 is an important step forward on the part of Bosch video fire detection in environments of total darkness. This new version is also available for applications with infrared lighting and 0 lux of visible light.

Aviotec camera technology now offers flame and smoke detection in light-free locations. Thanks to the additional infrared lighting and video analytics version7.70 it is possible to monitor scenes with zero fire detection lighting by video with sharp images.

Before the new version 7.70, now available for download from the manufacturer's website, this solution could only be applied in spaces with a lighting level of, at least, 2 Lux, for the surveillance camera to operate in color mode.

With this firmware update, the camera can operate in black and white mode, preserving fire detection functionality, so that infrared illuminators are used to visualize the area and have control of the situation even in complete darkness.

Not requiring traditional lighting for camera operation significantly reduces energy costs, especially in uninterrupted operating environments 24/7.

In addition, another advantage is that even when traditional lighting fails and there are very few light conditions, for example in a tunnel or in basements, the customer can retain fire detection and space control functionality.

Another not least element is that if an installation has fewer lights on, fire irrigation is reduced due to failures in the operation or overheating of the luminaires.

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By • 23 Nov, 2020
• Section: Deep down, Alarms, Detection