The iNsight FD9392-EHTV-O fixed dome camera and the IE9111-O AI-box are the new solutions it has presented to the market. Adopt Qualcomm SoC, that enables machine learning and delivers computing power across devices.

Vivotek FD9392-EHTV-O and AI-box IE9111-O

Vivotek has launched the iNsight FD9392-EHTV-O series fixed dome camera and the AI-box IE9111-O.

These solutions adopt the SoC of Qualcomm, encompassing machine learning and cutting-edge computing to deliver computing power across devices. In addition to its advanced versatility and flexibility, the iNSIGHT series was designed on the basis of an open IoT platform system supported by Security & Safety Things (Ossa), making it easier for system users and integrators to download and install various applications with intelligent video content analysis on the AIoT fixed-dome camera, FD9392-EHTV-O.

Vivotek FD9392-EHTV-OFor existing security systems, Vivotek has the edge-computing solution AI-box IE9111-O, that allows system integrators to connect existing network cameras and transform the whole set into an intelligent AIoT system.

“In the past, manufacturers and software developers were forced to spend resources to make their systems compatible with each other. Since joining the Alliance, our mission has been to create real value through technological innovation. The launch of these 'Driven by OSSA' teams’ it's the first step, as we glimpse the value and business opportunities of what awaits us. We have received positive feedback on several pilot projects of apps for shops and car parks", comments Steve Ma, vice president of Vivotek's Open Platform Business Division.

Vivotek IE9111-O

Vivotek AI-box IE9111-OThe IE9111-O or AI-Box is an edge computing device that uses Qualcomm's QCS605 chip. Works on operating system S&St, which is based on the Android Open Source Project. You can integrate network cameras through the RTSP protocol to obtain images for the analysis and calculation of applications related to Artificial Intelligence.

With this solution you can upgrade your existing surveillance devices in an intelligent AIoT system.

Since IE9111-O is an OSSA-powered device, users can download and install apps through the S app store&ST and allows network cameras to have several intelligent video content analysis applications, such as facial recognition and license plate recognition, in addition to the detection of behaviors.

Users can install and operate multiple applications on IE9111-O at once for more versatile tools, smart and effective.

The IE9111-O is equipped with Octa-Core SoC based on Qualcomm's Vision Intelligence platform, AI technology and adreno GPU neural processing engine 615, Spectra ISP and Hexagon DSP.

In addition, includes RJ-45 or M12 connectors. The M12 model has the EN50155 safety certificate so it can be used in transport scenarios.

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By • 26 Oct, 2020
• Section: Video surveillance