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The solution provided by Dallmeier, based on Panomera multifocal sensor technology, enables uninterrupted tracking of activities with consistent image quality, despite differences in distance on both the runway and landing runway and the ramp.

Dallmeier at Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Airport

A almost 7.000 straight-line kilometers from Moscow, is the largest airport on the island of Sakhalin: Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, listed as international by the International Civil Aviation Organization (Icao) In 1990.

ICAO establishes principles and standards for civil aviation. To obtain certification, airports are obliged to observe their statutes for compliance with, among others, video surveillance measures, such as ramp and track, and implement the corresponding solutions. In this context, airport operators also have to take into account the advances and latest development standards of related technologies.

To meet these requirements, the operators expanded the video surveillance of the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Airport, including on the ramp and track. The use of the latest video technology should provide safe movement, as regulated and without delay of aircraft in these areas.

These security areas are only accessible to authorized personnel, nevertheless, operators need to ensure that all aircraft-related activities – such as the presence of unauthorised persons or potential casualties on site – can be quickly clarified..

The visual verification of all processes is provided by a security solution of Dallmeier, based on multifocal sensor technology Panomera. These cameras offer uninterrupted tracking of activities in large spatial contexts with uniform image quality, despite differences in distance on both the runway and landing runway and the ramp.

Dallmeier's software technology allows operators to obtain panomera overview images in one image and, according to need, select with a few clicks within the full image multiple zoom areas and view them in detail as if in PTZ mode. But, unlike traditional PTZ cameras, a high-resolution overview of the entire area to be monitored is always maintained, both live and in the recording.

Like this, all aircraft-related processes, either landing or taking off, or even parking, along with your refueling, maintenance or cleaning, can be monitored without gaps and recorded permanently with the new system.

Dallmeier Panomera

Characteristics of the Dallmeier solution

A single Panomera system replaces a large number of PTZ and megapixel cameras. This has for airport operators various economic advantages as it requires less infrastructure and, with it, the cost of managing cameras is substantially reduced and the objective can also be achieved with reasonable personnel resources.

Intelligent handling of Dallmeier IP video client software via workstation, in both live and playback mode, allows the operator to analyze recordings quickly and comfortably.

"An important factor was the stability and reliability of the system as we have to permanently record the entire situation to ensure optimal damage and safety management and to clarify incidents. Multifocal sensor technology allows us to zoom in detailed situations at all times, even in recorded images, and verify any event with certainty. The remarkably small number of cameras, compared to solutions using PTZ and megapixel cameras, facilitated the installation and handling, helping us to reduce the burden on processes and reduce total costs", comment Dmitry Golovanov, IT Director.

A particularly important advantage is the ability for multiple operators to access zoom areas simultaneously without ever losing the overall view. Like this, For example, in case of a security alarm, police can use the camera system, but at the same time, also ramp controllers still keep everything in sight, and even service companies can continue to use camera views seamlessly.

Business process analysis and optimization tools are topics that the airport will focus on in the future with more intensity. You can define your own deadlines since the systems currently installed are scalable in all directions at all times, thus remaining fit for the future. Implementing a wide range of tools, such as an extension with AI-based analysis tools and functions, it is also possible at any later time.

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By • 2 Oct, 2020
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