Thanks to this breakthrough, installers and end users can compare different camera technologies and experience 'the effect' of Panomera multifocal sensors.


The Simulator interactive from German manufacturer Dallmeier electronic allows comparison of megapixel technology, PTZ and multifocal sensors, thanks to which end-users, installers and stakeholders may experience the 'effect' themselves Panomera", point from the company.

The task of providing maximum global vision, while a high resolution of detail, pose a big challenge for many common camera technologies, as a megapixel, PTZ or multisensor cameras.

In this sense, during zoom operations something has to be sacrificed: well the necessary detail resolution (megapixel and multisensor cameras); well the overview (Ptz),… That's why, camera images often cannot be used or, Just, relevant scenes are not recorded.

Experiencing the Difference

In the new interactive Panomera simulator, users can now experience themselves how this patented Dallmeier multifocal sensor technology remedyes this problem: up to eight sensors with different focal lengths (Multifocal) capture both areas, close and far away, in high resolution.

A software of stitching smart runs underneath joining the individual images of the camera lenses, so that users can capture even large areas or long distances with minimal resolution, constant and precisely definable.

blankUsers benefit from a clearly better overview of the situation, multiple simultaneous accesses of high-resolution operators and better analysis capabilities, given the high-resolution representation of spatial contexts, even from vast surfaces.

A Panomera camera system replaces a large number of conventional cameras and significantly reduces costs, both infrastructure and operation, added that many industrial companies around the world rely on this technology.

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By • 14 Sep, 2020
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