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The manufacturer of video security systems has incorporated into its cameras this 'privacy on demand' system for video surveillance to protect the rights of people in public and business spaces.

The cameras Panomera of Dallmeier now have Privacy Shield, a privacy system that is controlled remotely. With a few mouse clicks, public authorities, law enforcement like the police, just as private businesses can cover the lenses of devices with a type of 'privacy curtain'.

This function can protect the right to the privicity of affected individuals, For example, during authorized public rallies, company staff assemblies or strikes.

Data protection can be expensive...

Respecting people's privacy is an important precondition for accepting video surveillance in public and business spaces. Early in 2020, For example, several German courts ruled that during peaceful rallies, not only should video systems that are permanently installed be shut down, but this fact must also be 'reliably recognizable' to all attendees of the public concentration.

Also, companies also have to protect their employees' right of privacy, especially in response to EU GDPR requirements and other national data protection laws. Until now, the visible deactivation of surveillance cameras has caused considerable logistical efforts.

blankSpecifically,, police or security personnel must cover each camera individually, through lifting platforms, which is a high cost and a lot of time, since subsequently the facilities must return to their original state.

Given the hundreds of concentrations held each year, mainly in big cities; shift changes at the facility, as well as strikes on companies, this entails substantial costs on additional labour and the necessary equipment, such as lifting platforms.

In addition,, on many occasions, police and security personnel are unable to re-enable cameras quickly if there is evidence of potential dangers.

... but not with the right camera technology

German videosecurity manufacturer Dallmeier has developed the system called Privacy Shield to address these issues: users can remotely control a type of 'curtain' (designed from a special opaque material) from the control center, through the GUI, and cover in a few seconds the lenses of your Panomera cameras.

Privacy Shield has a highly visible color and bears a printed image of a crossed-out camera clearly showing each citizen: here there is no observation through video or video surveillance.

The solution can also be used in business environments if area or car park surveillance is to be deactivated at certain times, like during shift changes, business meetings or strikes.

The system is not only available in the latest generation of Panomera cameras, existing devices can be easily adapted. Interested persons can seek advice from free experts from Dallmeier's website and learn more about their legal background and savings potential.

Efficient and sustainable 'Made in Germany' innovation

blankAs Dieter Dallmeier explains, founder and CEO of Dallmeier electronic (in the attached image), "as a German manufacturer, we have internalized the issue of data protection and data security as a result of our years-long collaboration with the authorities. That is why it was important to make available to the authorities, but also from private companies, a system that joins many requirements into a single solution".

Among them, the manager points out "the requirement of broad protection of their privacy by citizens or employees, legal rules, but also the requirement to disable and enable surveillance at a reasonable expense".

With Privacy Shield "we demonstrate once again that innovation Made in Germany it's not an empty expression, but offers clearly recognizable added value for all parties involved. The fact that we offer the system also for further adaptations underscores our efforts to ensure sustainability", says Dieter Dallmeier.

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By • 3 Sep, 2020
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