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Both this Dallmeier video surveillance camera system, like mount Mountera, have been awarded the iF Design Award 2020.

Dallmeier Mountera

The cameras Panomera W of Dallmeier, as well as the Mountera mounting system, have been imposed on a jury, made up of 78 experts, between more than 700 Candidacies; and thanks to their innovative combination of design and technology they have managed to rise up with the iF Design Award 2020.

Dallmeier Mountera'Form follows function' is the motto that inspires the design of the Panomera W series, both the placement of their sensors and the materials used that promise durability and investment protection. In addition, its housing is recyclable in a 95%.

This year, the innovative camera system impressed the jury of experts in different categories, like innovation, Functionality, design quality, as well as in its orientation to the target group and environmental responsibility.

Its design is integrated into a wide variety of environments, whether in casinos or in safe city apps, at an airport terminal or in industry or logistics.

Moreover, Mountera's innovative packaging and assembly system also won an award. Installers and service personnel benefit from short deployment times and intelligent detail solutions.

Packaging allows for convenient handling at the site of installation. A disposable handle helps remove the system while a foam sheath protects the sensitive plastic dome from damage, by supporting and taking it from one place to another. In addition, installers can carry out all installation and adjustment work with only one Allen key size.

Mountera offers a modular implementation principle with different supports for flexible mounting options. Quick Lock system facilitates quick assembly by a single operator and alternate use of the same camera system in different locations.

High profitability

Dallmeier Panomera WTechnical innovations and the low number of cameras needed help save costs on all important aspects of implementation and operation, creating advantages for everyone involved.

During planning, the minimum resolution of the Panomera W series is precisely defined, ensuring compliance with future security standards and video analytics.

At the same time, budget managers benefit from minimal infrastructure costs and maximum operator efficiency, because with Panomera several operators have the possibility to keep an eye on, independently of each other, large surfaces with only one camera system.

Combined with the latest generation of chips, which has integrated neural networks, and with various Dallmeier AI applications, the Panomera W series enables extensive video analysis in the most different fields of use.

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