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Fraud, high operating costs and few data for Business Intelligence: These are the challenges that Dallmeier has addressed during his participation in ICE London 2019 with its Smart Casino solutions and, especially with their CAT System.

Dallmeier Smart Casino

The combination developed by Dallmeier video and artificial intelligence technology (IA) to improve the profitability of the three areas of a casino: game, monitoring and marketing, It has had a very positive response from professionals who have visited its stand in ICE London 2019, at the beginning of this month.

The proposal of Dallmeier for the play area is Casino Automation Technology (CAT), the first automation system gaming live in a production environment, currently available for Baccarat and Blackjack, that uses IA and Full HD IP cameras technology standards to recognize chips and playing cards.

Dallmeier Smart Casino

This solution provides information in real time about the positioning and value of bets, speed of play, float value, etc.. Also, CAT allows an accurate assessment of the player, speed of play and much more efficient anti-fraud protection, among other features.

Thus its acceptance in the contest designates Konrad Hechtbauer, managing director of Dallmeier: "glad especially how visitors appreciated our approach to build on existing technology, as CCTV, and combine it with AI applications. "With CAT opened a treasure trove of data queles allows you to make much more informed decisions to maximize profitability in Board Games".

Dallmeier Smart Casino

Surveillance and Business Intelligence

Many casinos are still huge amounts of PTZ and fish-eye camera (FishEye), thus creating a more and more complex environment, with image and effect of safety quality questionable.

With the new version of 360 ° in high-resolution camera system Panomera, security of the casino operators can cover much larger areas and have the entire scene. In the event of an incident, several operators can zoom at the same time and resolve complex scenarios, without losing the overall image, either live or in recording, as it is the case with the PTZ cameras.

Dallmeier Smart Casino

"Despite all the great options that offer gaming automation technologies based on IA, as our CAT System, casinos have yet to comply with their requirements in classical safety - explains Hechtbauer-. With the new 360 ° solution, customers to better achieve their objectives of safety at a lower cost and, both, the basis for using the same cameras such as 'optical sensors of data' for all kinds of Business Intelligence applications".

Through the intelligent combination of functions based on video technology (as people counting, analysis of crowds, Facial Recognition, etc.) and the automation of IA-based gaming, along with technical analysis "the casinos can significantly improve its overall profitability and save costs.

As it ensures this Steering, 'register, analyze and understand these data helps casinos to better plan their business and make informed decisions, that it is based on the behavior and preferences of its visitors and players".

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