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Manufacturer security solution is based on the 3D location in real time, your video Panomera 360 ° technology and mobile management of security forces.

Dallmeier airports

With the aim of preventing successful closures and incidents of terminals, Dallmeier It offers a semi-automatic security surveillance solution, based on location in real time 3D sensors, technology of video and mobile management of security forces, for detection more faster and more reliable situation that reduces up to a 50% the total costs, According to the information provided.

Dallmeier solution for the security in airport terminal area combines the patented technology of camera Panomera with the monitoring in real time and automatic recognition of 'wrong direction'.

The system automatically recognizes people who back off, for example in the outputs (operations sector and area of land) either in areas separated internally (Schengen / non-Schengen).

Dallmeier airportsPeople tracking is done using 3D sensors (a sensor each 16 meters), While the Chamber of detail is responsible for capturing the faces (portrait format) and camera Panomera W8 360º enables a continuous monitoring of the individual.

El sistema de gestión de vídeo Dallmeier SeMSy facilita a la sala de mando hacerse una idea rápida de la situación y coordinar a las fuerzas de seguridad desplegadas por la terminal.

A través de su terminal móvil, las fuerzas de seguridad reciben automáticamente una alarma e informaciones en tiempo real sobre su posición y dirección. La sala de mando cuenta con los mismos mapas y las mismas imágens de los hechos que los vigilantes, allowing coordinated action to direct intelligently the security personnel.

Also, the command post can go directly, from any point of the track route, for the best available video and back or forward the image quickly, for faster resolution of incidents.

Among other advantages, the area of security is a partially automated solution for everything; It allows to recognize in real time any type of intrusion and incident, y realizar al respecto un seguimiento ininterrumpido de la persona sospechosa, incluso en distancias largas.

A ello se añade que, gracias al seguimiento en directo en el terminal móvil y la sala de mando se logra una mejor y más rápida respuesta para aclarar la situación, In addition to that total costs are reduced significantly with respect to conventional solutions.

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By • 6 Feb, 2019
• Section: Access control, MAIN FOCUS, Detection, Intrusion, Services, CCTV