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Vivotek camera users will benefit from the new AWS IoT Camera Connector Quick Star solution for connecting and streaming their video content.

Vivotek AW-GEV Layer 2The manufacturer of networked security systems Vivotek has announced the native integration of some of its IP cameras, specifically 46 Models, with Amazon Kinesis Video Stream and Amazon Web Services (Aws) We, which will support the quick-start connection solution, AWS IoT Camera Connector Quick Start streaming and machine learning services.

As David Liu explains, President of Vivotek in the United States, "to offer Amazon Kinesis Video Streams and AWS IoT on our platform, with Camera Connector Quick Start support, gives us a unique and powerful opportunity to bring our hardware solutions to a wider range of users, giving them greater options that fit their needs. We are accelerating the integration of more cameras by the present first half of 2019".

With this integration, the manufacturer also wants to offer greater possibilities to suppliers in the growing IoT market, providing greater capabilities in accessing audio and video streams in the network surveillance segment with an open platform.

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By • 4 Jan, 2019
• Section: Systems control, Business, Services, Video surveillance