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Video surveillance solutions, intrusion alarms and public address systems and Bosch voice evacuation systems guarantee the security on the artificial islands that have been created in this bridge of 55 kilometers just opened.

Bridge Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao

Inaugurated last October, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge is a project of civil engineering consists of a series of bridges and tunnels of 55 kilometers connecting the three main cities of the administrative regions of China and the Pearl River delta.

This project has been slow to be eight years and have been used 400.000 tons of steel. Includes underwater tunnels and two artificial islands that serve as ports of customs. The guarantee of the safety of these two islands, where must drivers present special permission to use the new bridge and passing customs controls, was a priority from the beginning.

Bosch was awarded the contract to provide the artificial islands of video surveillance solutions, intrusion alarms, as well as public address and voice evacuation systems. Its partner Shanghai SAGA Electronic Technology has been responsible for carrying out this project in which you have installed 260 amplifiers, It is managed through the digital public address and sound emergency Praesideo system.

The installation incorporates 15 different speaker models, mounted in the ceiling and wall, and line-array to match the modern interior of the installation. Also, Bosch could match local standards of Macao with customized with a UK power cable solutions, programmed with graphical interfaces in traditional lyrics Chinese.

Bridge Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao

Bosch has also provided the island with more of 2000 HD cameras Flexidome series, Dinion and Autodome. Supervised from a security control center, located on the side of Hong Kong Island, these cameras provide surveillance 24/7 building inspection trips, the Immigration Department and the Customs Office of Hong Kong.

Praesideo systems, installed on both islands, They allow security personnel issue live voice through points of call of safety messages, While several sets of intrusion alarm systems protect personnel and property.

“Add the station calls intelligent support Praesidio, usually used for airports projects, para garantizar que el personal pueda realizar directamente transmisiones de voz en toda la estación durante la operación, lo que hace que la gestión de seguridad sea más conveniente”, dijo Wang Yiping, Deputy General Manager de Shanghai SAGA Electronic Technology.

Ahora que está en pleno funcionamiento, el puente Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao ya se considera un activo clave en el área de la Gran Bahía (Greater Bay Area), también conocida como el Silicon Valley de China. The bridge reduces travel time between Zhuhai and Hong Kong for four hours only 30 minutes. It also creates a new gateway for travelers between vital transport centres such as Shenzhen and Hong Kong airports, While integrated security solutions from Bosch ensure safe passage.

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By • 4 Dec, 2018
• Section: Alarms, Case Studies, MAIN FOCUS, Intrusion, Urban Security, CCTV