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La integración de la tecnología de VuWall en la plataforma PSIM de Advancis ofrece una visualización conjunta en los videowall y pantallas operadas por VuWall2, as well as a reduction of reaction times, Thanks to the easy control of perspectives of the system.

VuWall2 integrates with Advancis WinGuard X 4

The company specialized in physical security information management systems (MISP) neutral, Advancis,and the manufacturer's drivers for videowall, VuWall, they have strengthened their Alliance to develop surveillance solutions, Security and management of buildings in control rooms.
To provide a comprehensive solution to its customers, VuWall and Advancis have integrated management for VuWall2 videowall software platform WinGuard X 4.

WinGuard is an open software platform (MISP) that makes the complex task of ensuring corporate security in manageable processes, efficient and controllable.

With its open system architecture, especially for heterogeneous environments, WinGuard integrates and links the security, building automation and the communication systems of different manufacturers so can be controlled through a unified and easy-to-use interface.

VuWall2 is a software that allows you to control, manage and collaborate with graphic information displayed on the videowall and multi-screen structures. Is comprised of a set of tools that works regardless of the hardware that is used, What makes it universally adaptable.

The main advantages of this integration are a better understanding of the situation due to joint WinGuard image on the video wall and screens operated by VuWall, as well as the reduction of reaction times, Thanks to the easy control of perspectives of the MISP WinGuard system.

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By • 24 Oct, 2018
• Section: Data Center, Control Systems, Infrastructure, Computer Security