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The combination of both solutions offers a new level of intelligence information in mission-critical applications and video, such as control centers.

Motorola CommandCentral integrates with ACC

Motorola Solutions It has integrated video management software Avigilon Control Center (ACC) in its CommandCentral Aware tool, In addition to incorporating your video analysis of self-learning system.

With this integration of applications, analysts of the control center provides a source for useful information. In addition to the Avigilon video intelligence, CommandCentral Aware provides access to details of incidents and computer-aided records, alerts and geospatial data in real time from multiple sources.

Avigilon and Motorola Solutions, Ilitch Holdings

“CommandCentral Aware is a powerful platform that gives analysts a detailed operational picture of what is happening in the scene when an incident occurs. With video analysis of Avigilon technology, analysts can be automatically alerted of critical events that may need further investigation, helping to keep people safe and protected the assets of proactively”, says Andrew Sinclair, general manager and Corporate Vice President of Motorola Solutions.

CommandCentral platform provides intelligence in real time in all phases of the activity of supervision, from planning to operations and research.

Avigilon Control CenterCommandCentral Aware is part of the software of end to end of Motorola Solutions. It combines different origins video content, allowing to the analysts of centers of control of crimes and/or events see multiple sources in a same screen and share with the responsible images of suspicious, vehicles and numbers of patents in high-definition in real time, among other data critical.

Avigilon self-study video analysis system detects the movement of people and vehicles of interest and allows you to alert operators about events potentially critics who may need further investigation, helping them to take decisive action.

“Proactive and possibly preventive security requires advanced technology of video analysis. The integration of our patented in CommandCentral Aware analysis analysts provides a unique and powerful solution of security and critical communications for a quick response”, explains James Henderson, President and Chief Operating Officer of Avigilon.

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By • 19 Oct, 2018
• Section: Control Systems, Detection, CCTV