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The new 4K models Vivotek just presented are FD9391-EHTV, IB9391-EHT, IP9191-HP and IP9191-HT. Equipment suitable for surveillance in the city or the transportation environment.

Vivotek FD9391-EHTV IB9391 - EHT IP9191 - HP IP9191-HT 2

Vivotek It has expanded its line of video surveillance cameras IP 4 K H.265 with the addition of four new cameras. Models FD9391-EHTV, IB9391-EHT, IP9191-HP and IP9191-HT offer resolutions of 3.840×2.160 to 30 FPS and 1920×1.080 to 120 FPS.

Vivotek IP9191-HPThese four cameras, It incorporated the anti-intrusion of Trend Micro software, they are suitable for city surveillance, transport and industrial monitoring, given its optimal image quality and ability to represent accurately the details.

Thanks to the combination of compression H.265 and Smart Stream III, These four cameras video compression has joined a new generation, — saving both bandwidth and storage consumption of up to a 90%. This means that they provide attractive and detailed images, While compression technology reduces the size of the recorded data to a level below the of a Chamber of 2 MP.

Vivotek FD9391-EHTVUnder the strategy of 'More in smarter ways', FD9391-EHTV and IB9391-EHT models include the Smart Motion Detection technology that allows to recognize human activities with precision, without being affected by a change of lighting or other factors.

Also, This technology reduces the time devoted to the configuration and tuning, Thanks to its intuitive configuration panel and a clear visual confirmation.

Intelligent motion detection gives as a result a reduction of false alarms and the continuous protection of persons in more intelligent ways.

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By • 7 Sep, 2018
• Section: CCTV