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The first model of the new Panomera Ultraline series has a dynamic range of 130 dB UWDR and resolution of 130 PX/m up to a distance of 160, 104 in 82 meters, enabling the recognition of people in whole distance.

Dallmeier Panomera Ultraline S8

Dallmeier has presented the first model of the new series Panomera Ultraline, the S8, a camera that provides up to 190 Megapixels 30 IPS.

The new Panomera Ultraline series offers a high effective resolution for videoproteccion applications in large areas such as football stadiums, perimeters, airports and municipal spaces.

The Panomera concept incorporates up to eight sensors in a camera, which makes it possible to capture surfaces and huge distances with high resolution quality. With fewer cameras and less infrastructure and management costs, the total cost of video solutions is significantly reduced. Both, specifications of customers with respect to density of pixels and coverage can be fulfilled in a very precise way.

Dallmeier Panomera UltralineThe Ultraline S8 model has a dynamic range of 130 dB UWDR (effective) and it manifests itself in an extreme Panomera effect. Provides superior resolution to 125 PX/m up to a distance of 160, 104 the 82 meters, enabling the recognition of people in whole distance.

The identification of people (250 PX/m) It is supported, depending on the model, up to a distance of 46 meters and monitoring (62 PX/m) reaches the 322 meters, which corresponds to a scene of more of 26.000 m² with continuous depth of field.

The multifocal sensor system captures and stores all the areas of the scene with the highest resolution in detail, No matter if the operators, in live mode, they are concentrated in a particular area (multiple detail zoom) or if represented in detail areas of interest-based Video Content Analysis (multiple automatic tracking). Panomera recordings always contain all happening and allow the assessment of any event.

Like the rest of the Dallmeier cameras, the new model of Panomera is also entirely produced in Germany at its factory in Regensburg. This in itself is an essential aspect of the strategy of protection of data and data from the manufacturer, Since this prevents, for example, the unauthorized access by backdoors.

In total 14 functions, as areas of privacy settings, people masking or the latest technology for authentication and encryption solutions Dallmeier processing chain, ensure compliance with the requirements of the RGPD in terms of data protection and data security.

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By • 19 Jul, 2018