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The goal of this coordination and control center solution - CeCoCo- Teltronic is improving the efficiency and capabilities of emergency services, that it has a tactile and configurable interface.

Teltronic integrated control center

The Spanish company Teltronic, subsidiary of the Hytera group, It has introduced a new version of its CeCoCo control center, a solution that is the result of years of experience and r & d of products for the market of professional communications, with the features and functionality of the professional systems designed for large control centres.

The new version responds to the guidelines which draw initiatives NG112 (next generation emergency services in Europe) and NG9-1-1 (in North America) and which are aimed at improving the interoperability of emergency services, as communication between these and citizens through the use of VoIP calls, text messages, images or videos.

This solution is suitable for centers of coordination and control of the State security bodies, care emergencies and other environments, as the transport, where it is necessary to integrate communications between various networks of this type.

Teltronic integrated control centerSpecifically, the new version of integrated Control Center is configured as a computer system that integrates various voice communications, data and multimedia between different networks (digital radio communication systems, Analog, telephone, cellular mobile systems, etc.), thus allowing efficient communications and better management of information in situations of emergency and critical environments.

Thanks to its modular and scalable structure, the system adapts to the needs of each client and each environment, to set up and gradually expand the system with new licenses software and new operator jobs.

Addition, its open platform, Since the solution is designed from market hardware components and using standard protocols. Its internal structure is a native SIP, resulting in their high switching capacity of communications for deployment of systems with a large number of operator jobs, que generan un alto tráfico de llamadas y multiconferencias simultáneas.

Con una operativa 24/7, ofrece un nivel de redundancia activo-activo, tanto a nivel hardware como de servicios (calls, mensajes, contactos, alarmas y grabaciones); es interoperable y puede integrarse con diversas tecnologías radio, como GSM, MPT-1327, TETRA, DMR, P25 o LTE.

Para Marta Fontecha, directora de gestión y estrategia de producto de Teltronic, “la limitación en la capacidad de procesado, los problemas a la hora de gestionar los recursos en un entorno multi-agencia o la excesiva complejidad del uso creciente de diferentes sistemas de comunicaciones pueden suponer limitaciones importantes en la operativa de un centro de emergencia. El nuevo centro de control de Teltronic supera estas restricciones, basándose en un sistema servidor virtualizado distribuido en una o varias localizaciones que soporta toda la inteligencia de la solución”.

Esta nueva versión también ha incidido en la interfaz gráfica para los operadores, más amigable y configurable, con controles simplificados, interfaz táctil y con la posibilidad de modificar colores o iconos. Funcionalmente, soporta un amplio rango de aplicaciones: llamada individual y de grupo, envío y recepción de mensajes, multiconferencias, localización de terminales, operator supervision, etc..

Furthermore, the ability of connection to more than one network infrastructure, so from a same control centre it is possible to manage several agencies (security forces, medical emergencies, Firefighters, etc.) they used different networks, making the cooperation between them much easier.

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By • 16 Jul, 2018
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