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Esta nueva solución de almacenamiento en red de la serie DSA E de Bosch cuenta con versiones de sesenta y doce bahías basados ein iSCSI del fabricante.

Bosch DSA E2800Offer more safety of stored digital video data is what brings the DSA E2800 system, that represents the next generation of DSA E series of Bosch Security, based on iSCSI to respond to the needs of high-bandwidth, because encoders and cameras IP HD and UHD - 4K in the video surveillance market.

DSA E2800 provides more reliability when it comes to storing data of high volume and its availability at any time thanks to its fans and redundant power supply, hot swappable. Also, together with its recovery failover of automated route and online management capabilities, They allow to keep productivity continuously.

This system has two models or versions: one of twelve bays and one sixty; both with a size of eight hundred-channel system. El primero tiene una capacidad máxima de 120 TB for twelve internal hard drives; While the second is located in 600 TB, with sixty internal hard drives.

In addition, to the new DSA E2800 - sixty bays version-, You can add two expansions of sixty drives each.

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By • 10 Jul, 2018
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