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DF5100HD-DN/IR and DDF5100HD of Dallmeier cameras are able to work day and night in all kinds of lighting conditions or scenarios of almost darkness.

Dallmeier Primeline DF5100

Equipped with a powerful high-performance infrared LEDs, for both day and night use, new cameras from Dallmeier DF5100HD-DN/IR and DDF5100HD have a high light-sensitivity sensor and a fast image processing to catch quality color images with maximum detail and minimal lighting conditions.

These manufacturer Primeline series cameras offer a cost-effective and balanced solution among the extreme features that integrate the Nightline and Topline series (more models of sensor data in Digital Security).

Dallmeier Primeline DF5100Model DF5100HD-DN/IR is designed in format box (box) para su montaje en pared. Disponible en versiones de 2 from 4 megapixel, cuenta con iluminación infrarroja uniforme gracias a un Led de alto rendimiento de 850 nanometers, mejorando la sensibilidad de la cámara para operar con alta calidad de imagen en entornos críticos 24/7. Disponible también en 2 and 4 megapixel, la cámara tipo domo DDF5100HD se utiliza con cúpula.

Ambos modelos se instalan y configuran de manera sencilla a través de un navegador web, donde el usuario puede establecer los parámetros que más le interesen. El objetivo motorizado y la función Digital image shift allow zoom setting, focus and IRIS, as well as picture frame, which ensures a quick and easy on-site installation.

Dallmeier RGPD-EUBoth cameras integrate advanced security features, as people masking, private areas, encryption and authentication in image processing, as well as video content analysis (VAC) to detect real-time objects and movements in the image uncompressed, inter.

The detected events can be used for activation of the recording in a Smavia of Dallmeier system and stored, along with its metadata, to search specific rear in a forensic evaluation.

Cameras have RAM memory that temporarily stores video in case of fall of network flow. When it is already restored, the SmartBackfill function is responsible for the rapid transmission of images saved to the Smavia recording system, It stores video at maximum speed stream and continues the recording of live stream, without leaks or ruptures.

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By • 28 June, 2018
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