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Above 3.200 Bosch HD cameras monitored every space of the Suzhou Center, covering the full range of operational security needs, from video capture to follow-up.

Bosch Security Suzhou Center

The city of Suzhou, to the West of Shanghai, It is known as 'the Venice of East Asia', through its channels, bridges, gardens and classical architecture of its buildings. With a population of approximately 11 millions of inhabitants, the city has also opted for the avant-garde and modernity.

Example of this innovation is Suzhou Center, a complex of 1,1 million square meters, the modern shopping malls are distributed, offices, residential skyscrapers and a luxury hotel facing the sea front, It aims to become one of the major axes of international business of China.

With these dimensions and characteristics, el sistema de seguridad del complejo tenía que estar al mismo nivel de modernidad, con dispositivos de videovigilancia avanzados, alarmas de detección de intrusión, control de accesos y sistemas de megafonía, que se ha confiado al fabricante Bosch Security.

Suzhou Center China

Above 3.200 cámaras Bosch HD aseguran cada espacio del Suzhou Center, covering the full range of operational security needs, desde la vigilancia hasta el seguimiento. Entre estos dispositivos con funciones avanzadas de videovigilancia destacan los modelos Dinion y Flexidome IP, así como las cámaras móviles (PTZ) Autodome IP.

In addition to the functions of surveillance, Autodome IP cameras dynamic 7000 HD have intelligent tracking of objects, so that security personnel can automatically detect any moving target, so if this occurs, the smart devices capture function is activated according to a predefined alarm rule, or manually with a simple click.

Once the smart capture is active, is an uninterrupted capture of objects in motion. El análisis de vídeo inteligente integrado en estas cámaras puede activar alarmas automáticamente cuando una regla de alarma predefinida se detecta (for example, una persona cruzando una línea), alertando a los guardias e identificando potenciales problemas de seguridad.

Ocho sistemas de videovigilancia Bosch integran las 3.200 cámaras Flexidome, Dinion y Autodome IP para una administración y gestión unificada por el centro de control principal.

La detección de intrusión se gestiona desde siete paneles de intrusión DS7400, that you have more than two hundred sensors. Each of them can be programmed for up to eight areas, both locally and remotely.

Access control is managed with two facilities Access Professional Edition (APE) de Bosch, with control of doors, so that only authorized personnel can enter restricted areas. It also exchanges information with respect to the control and the status of doors with the rest of security systems.

For the public address and voice evacuation, Bosch has supplied a Praesideo system, over 5.000 altavoces de techo y de gabinetes que se dividen en más de ochenta zonas del complejo y se gestionan desde dos centros de control. Also, the sound quality offered by this system also provides background music in public areas of the Suzhou Center.

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By • 27 Apr, 2018
• Section: Case Studies, Access control, Control Systems, FEATURED CASE STUDY, MAIN FOCUS, Detection, Urban Security, CCTV