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This Scottish team managers have replaced the Ibrox Stadium analog security system by an integral solution in the network of the German manufacturer.

Ibrox stadium Rangers FC dallmeier

The football club Rangers Football Club, founded in 1873, It is part of the elite of football; Since throughout its 145 years of history has won more than 100 trophies, What also becomes the most successful Scotland.

With the aim of protecting the assets of this sporting institution of Glasgow, In addition to ensuring the safety and security of the fans who come to Ibrox Stadium, its officials have decided to replace their analog video surveillance system, already quite obsolete.

After comparing different providers network video surveillance systems, the choice to undertake this project has been that of the German expert in video security Dallmeier.

Ibrox stadium Rangers FC dallmeier

Complex security situation

In addition to football matches, large stages also host concerts and other events that normally attract a multitude of people. With the increase in the number of visitors it also increases the risk of dangerous situations, When, for example, objects are thrown away to the playing field or flares are lit.

Crowds without control of people or fights between fans are the most feared scenarios by security personnel. A sophisticated video security system can provide the overview needed to nip this kind of climbs and ensure the safety of fans and players.

Roland Meier, Head of Panomera Multifocal Sensor Systems in the Dallmeier, He explains that for the safety of visitors to the stadium is always guaranteed, "it is necessary to equip stadiums with information systems video enabling, both operators as to the authorities, identify clearly and unequivocally to any individual within a group of people, whether in large as long-range surfaces, and follow him".

Improves technological

The existing system in the Rangers F.c., that so far has managed with cameras from different manufacturers, It was updated and improved technically in a complete solution Full IP Dallmeier HD, Although previously it was necessary to modify the technical infrastructure.

To ensure the performance of the system and the making available of additional capabilities for crisis situations was a new network in fiber optic around the stadium. Systechnica Limited, partner of Dallmeier in Scotland and an expert in the installation and maintenance of all systems of the German manufacturer, It was the company responsible for running all this project.

Multifocal Panomera Sensor SystemsAs points out Brian McNeill, Systechnica Manager, "the installation work at the headquarters of Rangers FC passed without difficulty, and the image provided by the system quality is excellent. The front end is intuitive, and the club has the possibility of adapting or extending the system according to changes in risks and demands that arise".

After completing the required network infrastructure, club officials determined, together with the experts of Dallmeier, which cameras had to be mounted to get a general view of the stadium. It was important to fully cover those areas that, management and security personnel, they were considered as especially critical with regard to safety.

The centerpiece of this solution is the patented multifocal sensor system (MFS) Dallmeier Panomera, developed for the comprehensive surveillance of large areas, as in this case, with the installation of numerous units in strategic positions in and out of the stadium, Since it is. With technology MFS can watch from a place a vast surface, with the addition of that resolution is scalable almost at will, According to the customer's needs.

As part of the project have been also installed PTZ cameras, type DDF5400 and the German manufacturer Picodome discrete fixed dome. Also existing recording devices have been changed, for high-performance IPS servers 2400 and IPS 10000, and updated video management system software of server and client Dallmeier VideoIP Smavia, that allows recording and especially intuitive assessment of IP-based audio and video data.

The director of operations for Rangers FC, Robin Howe, who is also responsible for security of the UEFA and FIFA, and therefore he travels all over the world to different facilities to check the possibility of holding parties safely, He has been involved in the whole process of updating the system at Ibrox Stadium and pointed out that "the new system of Dallmeier exceeds clearly most video surveillance systems has seen in his travels".

Possibilities of integration

Ibrox stadium rangers fc dallmeierA stadium monitoring is very complex and the most and guarantees are obtained when all systems are intertwined and interlinked. Each Dallmeier CCTV/IP solution it is designed in such a way that it can serve as an open platform for the integration of third-party systems.

Since cameras networked recording systems (recorders, servers, IP video appliances), to video management, all the products of the German manufacturer can be integrated into any type of third-party systems (access controls, fire detection, etc.). Also, It is possible to integrate individual components into existing Dallmeier solutions or third-party systems.

Integration is both communication protocols via standard or custom, so-called Open Platform Tools, as well as through tools developed specifically for the customer. In this manner, security systems can be adapted or extended at all times and provide protection for the investment in the future.

Guarantee of future

Ibrox Stadium is probably one of the most emblematic football facilities in the world. Ensure the safety and security of players and fans obviously has highest priority for those in charge of Rangers FC. In addition, in this sports facility applies the standards agreed internationally for the technical equipment of stadiums around the world, to obtain licenses from UEFA and FIFA to host matches of first class.

David Martin, responsible for safety of the club, relies heavily on new technology: "Rangers FC can be more than satisfied with its latest investment. With a system that has already proven its reliability and that is one of the technically most advanced between the stadiums of soccer in the country, We look calm towards the future. The degree of coverage of the system, as well as the range of built-in functions will be a considerable support to those responsible for the protection and operation of the stadium".

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By • 27 Feb, 2018
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