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The multinational Chinese shows in its booth numerous novelties in panoramic cameras, 4K systems, IoT, PoC EPO, with a business strategy in other environments far beyond CCTV.

Dahua sicur 2018

As explained Sol Zeng, Iberia country manager of Dahua, during the presentation of its proposal on SICUR 2018 (pavilion 10 -stand D08), "our company is this diversified in vertical markets and evolving within and outside of the CCTV", bringing our innovation in video for security, where are the second ranking worldwide manufacturer".

Dahua sicur 2018 iberia team

The proposed multinational china in the contest is wide and varied, with the introduction of HDCVI technology 4.0 (4K, IoT, PoC EPO); new models of panoramic IP cameras; security applications with drones in critical installations; intelligent systems for buildings and transport, as well as videoconferencing and display solutions.

Specifically, HDCVI technology 4.0 Era, includes three key components: HDCVI - 4K for high-quality video capture; HDCVI-IoT for multidimensional detection, Since it links the data of audio and video over coax with information from sensors and alarms, and HDCVI-AI, offering more features to artificial intelligence and deep learning.

Dahua sicur 2018

One of the innovations in terms of networked devices is HAC-PFW3601-A180, the first infrared camera multidirectional HDCVI suitable for critical environments, offering a panoramic view 4 k 180 °, with sharp images of high quality with low light, creating a split-screen view to display multiple objectives, and protection IP67 IK10.

Gavin Zou, regional technical manager of Dahua and, It has also highlighted the innovation with the series EPO, "that exceeded the distance wiring up to" 800 meters between the camera and the EPO or EPO NVR with an integrated switch network switch, allowing a large space surveillance and a uniform IP analog migration, In addition to cost savings".

Dahua sicur 2018 Center controlThe company is conducting demonstrations of these solutions, with a practical application of how it is a completely safe and intelligent building, as well as in the transport sector. "We also present a videoconferencing system already used internally for meetings in all our offices, offering a high quality image and low delay, and a very quick ROI", says Zou.

In this line of vertical markets, Dahua also displays Led displays without bezel, "indicated for both control centres and retail, etc", explains this Manager of Dahua. Both proposals will be analyzed in Digital AV Magazine.

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By • 21 Feb, 2018
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