This version offers combination of images, GPU decoding and operating at 64 Bit; features that allows you to respond more quickly to incidents.

Bosch BVMS 8.0

The version 8.0 Video Management System software (BVMS 8.0) of Bosch offers combination of images (stitching), GPU decoding (unit of graphic processing) and operating at 64 Bit. These features allow operators to respond faster to incidents by simultaneously monitoring more cameras. In addition, supports dual sensor 'fusion' technology.

Video Stitcher functionality, which is part of BVMS 8.0, combines high-resolution images from multiple cameras into a single panoramic view, allowing you to monitor, For example, the stands of a stadium or the runway of an airport, as if there were only one camera. You can zoom in and out as needed, with the advantage of not needing to switch from one camera to another. You also don't need to know which camera is tracking what detail or where you are and how it's linked to the surveillance network. The user can configure the merged view, with up to 16 cameras together.


Usually, IT and security departments provide multi-monitor workstations or video walls to security operators for maximum situational awareness. The need to play more cameras on multiple screens adds tension to a workstation's performance, as more processing power is needed to decode video images as the number of cameras increases.

Using GPU decoding capabilities, it is possible to have higher performance and show in parallel several ultra high resolution videos (Uhd) without consuming CPU power.

El software BVMS 8.0 runs as an application of 64 Bit, compared to the 32 bits from previous versions. This raises the maximum capacity of a single BVMS of 30 management servers with 100 cameras per server to 50 management servers with 200 cameras per server.

With the introduction of Bosch's H.265 video compression, cameras can use lower bitrates. With BVMS 8.0, cameras using Bosch H.265 can be set up, which reduces bandwidth and storage needs.

Dual view of 'fusion'

Bosch security MIC IPThe new MIC IP Fusion 9000i camera combines, among many other functions, an optical lens with a thermal, so that surveillance can continue even in a room full of smoke (with the thermal lens providing the image while the optics are locked).

BVMS 8.0 allows you to switch between optical and thermal view, as well as drag-and-drop one of the two flows (depending on which one is open) in a new cameo.

BVMS Viewer also takes advantage of GPU and platform decoding 64 bits and is capable of displaying H.265 cameras.

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By • 18 Dec, 2017
• Section: Systems control, Video surveillance