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The Airport Matters program 2017 It highlights the advantages that offer solutions of surveillance and management of this manufacturer of safety in this critical installation of United Kingdom.

Bristol airport Dallmeier

The demands of security in airports are extremely high and it is imperative that each area, either runway, take-off or landing; hangar, parking, Terminal and access roads, ramp or perimeter is watched with the latest standards, as carried it out Airport Operators Association (AOA) and ITN Productions with the creation of Airport Matters 2017.

This program has been specifically designed to inform, through news and features, about companies facing the demands of modern industry airport e driving it, in which the company's security systems Dallmeier offers a wide range of security solutions for all fields of application in airport facilities and whose multifocal sensor technology Panomera is used in the Bristol airport.

Airways and traffic safety is paramount and the operators of airports seek permanently the latest state of technology to identify, analyze and resolve in a proactive manner in terms of security relevant events.

Dallmeier steve hodgerIn the report ' Future-proof video security solutions by Dallmeier at Bristol Airport/UK ' Airport Matters program 2017, created and produced this year by AOA and ITN Productions, shows how modern solutions Dallmeier of surveillance and management are used at this airport in United Kingdom to secure the safety of the installation.

In recent years, Dallmeier has used a specially developed camera technology to ensure the safety of millions of travelers worldwide. The linchpin of this manufacturer security solution is the system of sensors multifocal Panomera, enabling a complete view of all activities at the airport and at the flying field.

In combination with intelligent analysis and video management systems it is possible both to monitor all areas of land and air to ensure the protection of passengers and visitors, as well as maintaining airport hassle-free operation.

As noted from Dallmeier, "video surveillance proactive that facilitate our video information systems, and not the passive surveillance, It is the way of the future for any sector, as the airport, providing future proof solutions, "easy to use and flexible", as points out Steve Hodges, airport project sales manager of Dallmeier (in the image above).

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By • 24 Nov, 2017
• Section: Case Studies, Control Systems, MAIN FOCUS, Services, CCTV