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The implemented infrastructure includes an evacuation system, detection of fires and public address, as well as intrusion alarms, conferences and video surveillance systems and access control. The latter is supported by the Video Management System, as well as in different types of cameras such as the panoramic Flexidome IP 7000.

Krakow events Center

Krakow is the second largest city and one of the oldest in Poland, and the International Conference Centre and entertainment (ICE) is its flagship commercial and cultural, and their views allow you to see some of the most famous monuments of the city.

At the ICE Conference take place, exhibitions, Parties, seminars and concerts, with audiences ranging from a few dozen to several thousand of attendees. The changing spatial arrangements and the wide range of events pose challenges to get the public to be safe and secure at all times while you enjoy the best sound and acoustics.

Bosch Flexidome IP 7000Its large spaces represents a major challenge for designers of evacuation systems. The sound from the speakers of evacuation must be powerful and intelligible to inform each guest clearly what to do, the speakers must be discrete, blending with the background to not alter the performance or public space.

The solution was found in the hemispheric speakers of Bosch, that you are part of the PA system and evacuation system Praesideo voice. As says a technician: “If I had opted for some standard for the evacuation system speakers, We needed enough units to establish a uniform sound coverage throughout the building. Using the hemispheric placed directly under the roof, five speakers have been enough to get the job done, also merging with the aesthetics of the room”.

This exhaust system is part of the full package of security and communications from Bosch which was installed in ICE which includes fire detection systems, surveillance, and PA system, as well as intrusion alarms, Conference systems and access control.

Video surveillance installation relies on the Bosch Video Management System, as well as in different types of cameras such as the panoramic Flexidome IP 7000, featuring a resolution of 12 megapixel and high frame rates, combined with a fish-eye lens. These cameras provide a complete view of 180 the 360 degrees, no blind spots, and they let you easily capture moving objects. This way helps improve the quality of video surveillance solutions.

The modular central FPA 5000, equipped with punctual and linear type of heat and smoke detectors, It is responsible for the detection of fire. The most representative stays invisible series fire detectors have been installed 500 recessed in the ceiling installation. With all of this, Bosch provided installation 2.000 fire detectors.

Convention for the protection of world heritage

Bosch IntegrusAll this infrastructure was after for the ten day event which took place last July: the annual Convention of the United Nations for the protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage. This group is responsible for designating places must be protected as areas of great cultural or natural significance, like Stonehenge, Glacier Bay or the great barrier reef.

The Conference was attended by 1.966 delegates of Unesco, as well as thousand companies that provide services and journalists, and a few 700 Police and security. Around 50 side events took place, next to the 35 major held on the ICE, so were more than 20.000 publications, and audiovisual systems were used intensively.

Bosch FPA 5000Multilingual communication center, where simultaneous interpretations were handled, Bosch provided (more 1.500 participants) Conference-system solutions, through its system of distribution of languages Integrus and conferences DCN solutions.

It was also of vital importance for the proper functioning of the event access control. In the current tense political climate, should be a high security not only within the workplace, but also outside, in the access points and parking. Bosch Security Solutions helped to achieve and to coordinate these objectives, without the ICE will need the presence of more guards and security officers.

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By • 3 Nov, 2017
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